The Bachelor 13: Episode 6 Recap (Page 3/4)
The Bachelor 13: Episode 6 Recap (Page 3/4)
They drive up to Naomi's house, and she's kind of worried about what her family will do since they are a pretty kooky bunch. Her parents are divorced, but they will both be there. As soon as they get to the house, Naomi's mother breaks out the hula hoops, and they all have a hula hooping contest. Jason is completely inept.

After hula-ing, Naomi's mom tells everyone about the beautiful white dove she accidentally killed with her windshield. She brought the dove home, put it in a bag in the refrigerator and named it Rosie. Naomi's mom asks Jason to help bury Rosie and give her a eulogy that matches the somberness of the occasion. She peeks into the bag and notes that Rosie smells a little bit like chicken, which causes Jason to freak out just a little. Naomi is mortified that her mother would behave in such a fashion in front of Jason and the rest of the America watching, but actually, I would probably want to pull a stunt like this too if my child decided to go on national television to find a life partner.

Jason is grossed out by the bird, but Naomi's nephew is all, "Ooh! I wanna hold her!" Naomi's mom gives the best throwaway line, which was "Next time you come, you can meet our cat." Heh. I wonder if their cat is still alive.

After the funeral, Naomi's father, Hector, takes Jason aside to have a serious religion talk with him. Hector says that there's only one God and that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I imagine that Jason is completely freaked out by this God-talk. Thankfully, Naomi's mother, Joanne, saves him from this attempted proselytizing, but it's a case of leaping out of the pot and into the fire because she starts talking about reincarnation and Indigo children and all this New Age-y stuff. I think Jason looks a little bit more freaked out by this conversation than the first. In the meantime, Naomi tells her dad that it doesn't matter too much what Jason's religious beliefs are, as long as they love each other. To his credit, Hector promises to stand by her and support her in whatever decision she makes.

The last hometown visit takes us to Dallas, Texas, to see Melissa and her family. But we've all seen the promos for this week's episode of The Bachelor, so we know that her family is not cool with their daughter fame-whoring it up on national television and refuse to meet him. I think that his chemistry with Melissa is by far the strongest. His interaction with her is a step above those with the other bachelorettes, which leads me to predict that she is probably going to win.

Melissa and Jason sit down for a picnic, and she presents him with a little tooth fairy box she made for Ty. She also gives him the bad news that he'll be meeting her friends instead of her family. Her family seem to be the most sensible of all the families, not being comfortable with the in-your-face public-ness of this whole reality TV adventure.

Melissa and Jason show up at the house of Melissa's friends. There are two couples present, and one of them have brought their two little girls along too. Jason is a little bummed that he won't get to meet Melissa's family, and Melissa is really worried about it too.

Everyone sits down to dinner, and Melissa tells Jason that he's the first guy whom she has brought home to meet anyone. She also says that she has often been the dumpee in relationships, and as a result, all of her friends have formed a protective sphere around her.

After dinner, Melissa and her two women friends sit around gushing about "the boy," and Melissa gets teary-eyed talking about him. Meanwhile, Jason and the two men play pool (because that's what dudes are supposed to do, don'cha know: play pool. Thanks, ABC, for making it clear how to kick it, man-style.) Afterwards, they switch places and Jason goes to talk to the women friends. He asks the women about Melissa's family, and there is some question about whether anyone has met Melissa's parents. This has Jason perplexed, and he wonders why nobody knows anything about them.

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