'Bachelor' Season Premiere Recap: Seatbelts Fastened, Tray Tables Locked, Barf Bags Out (Page 3)
'Bachelor' Season Premiere Recap: Seatbelts Fastened, Tray Tables Locked, Barf Bags Out (Page 3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Chris interrupts the party with a surprise... Jillian and Ed are here as "a little help" for Jake.

Jill and Ed will be conducting interviews with each woman and then give Jake their input. (Seriously.) They even have notepads!

Meanwhile, Rozlyn is making waves.

Rozlyn: "Being a model, it's really easy to rely on your looks for everything." Like... getting on national TV?

Jake: "Rozlyn is a really sexy girl. But I'm not looking for just sex appeal. I'm looking for a connection."

Jessie: "Something about Rozlyn rubs me the wrong way. She's stunning and her dress is beautiful, but it sort of seems like... she's not here for the right reasons."

For those of you playing a Bachelor drinking game, that classic line deserves a big swig.

airplane-game.jpgChristina gets Jake to lie down on the ground for a quick game of "Airplane." (Does that count as a flying pun? Survey says... YES!)

The interviews with Jill and Ed continue. It comes to Michelle's turn, and she just keeps talking about how she's been "waiting" for that one on one time, waiting and waiting and waiting... and she's repeating herself like a psychopath.

Tenley grabs Jake, and sits him down to hear "10 Things About Tenley", which are...
"I have a big heart, I check my pride at the door, I'm a woman with values, I'm honest, I know how to have an awesome time, I'm a cuddle bug, I'm passionate, I'm ready to start this new adventure, and I think I'm a pretty good kisser."

Tenley asks him for a peck to see if they have chemistry, and he gives it to her. Jake thanks her for opening up and being vulnerable. As far as the kiss goes, Jake says it was "really sweet," but Tenley goes back and tells some of the other girls that it was out of character, and she's a little ashamed. It's her first kiss since her ex-husband, and she starts crying.

Jake goes to Jill and Ed for their advice. They liked Elizabeth (NE), Ella, Sheila, and Kathryn. Ed thinks Jake should send home Michelle, because he "didn't get a good vibe" from her, and Jill says she's "very emotional." But Jake doesn't look convinced. He likes the crazy!

Jake grabs the First Impression Rose and gives it to... Tenley!

He thanks her for putting herself out there, and kisses her on the cheek. Tenley says she is happy to have Jake pursuing her now, and the kiss was worth it.

And that's the end of the party. It's Rose Ceremony time. But first...

On Ashley (flight attendant costume): "That girl is the most positive person I've ever met. She's always smiling, and it's contagious."

On Channy's Cambodian come-on: "I tried to take it kind of playful..."

On Vienna: "I think Vienna has got a little fire behind her. Conversation didn't go real deep, but I'm intrigued."

On Michelle: "She's so sincere, maybe over-sincere. I wonder if this process is going to be almost a little overwhelming. Because it gets harder."

On the upcoming Rose Ceremony: "The one thing that's really encouraging to me is that I know my wife is in that room."


Jake gives roses to... (besides TENLEY)


And there's your final 15 ladies, Bachelor fans.

Got any favorites this early? I'm going to come out and say Ali, Tenley, Corrie and Ashleigh have my votes so far!

Plus, coming up this season on The Bachelor... (SEASON MONTAGE PROMO)
Kissing! Champagne! Bikinis! Airplanes! Strawberries! Abs! Swimming while kissing! Bungee jumping! Bathtub kissing! Rose petals! A big scandal, in which someone is a cheating liar, someone else is a "black widow," someone is a virgin, and Jake kicks over a lamp because of how PISSED he is. Then...  crying. More and more and more crying. And then some more crying. Then, an island getaway full of hugs, more kisses, swimming, and swimming kisses. Kissing on a boat, after swimming! (I sense a theme, don't you?)

 And finally... a proposal?

Guess we'll have to wait to find out who's doing all this crying, kissing and swimming. Plus: which girl hooks up with a Bachelor crew member?!!!

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, "Hang on to your butts!"

Final Bachelor Episode 1 Pilot Pun Count: 12

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