Las Vegas Wedding Set for 'The Bachelor' and His Fiancee?
Season 12 of The Bachelor saw Londoner Matt Grant pick celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over pharmaceutical sales representative Chelsea Wanstrath, who believed that she would be bagging Matt’s heart by the end of the season.  However, things took a turn for the worst for Chelsea as Shayne was given the last rose in the final night.  Since then, Matt and Shayne have been going strong and have been living together at her condominium.  However, more recent reports have surfaced about the two planning a Las Vegas wedding set to take place as soon as next week!

In fact, in a recent interview with Us Magazine, Matt says that the two months following the shoot of The Bachelor was very hard for the couple, but they were happy to have gone through it together.  After the finale, the two were allowed to go public, and they’ve been enjoying their time since.

"It’s just starting a life together properly.  The period up until now, the two months that we’ve been undercover and having to live this secret relationship and it’s been good in many ways because it’s just really made us appreciate and realize what we have," Matt told Us Magazine.  "It’s just really built our relationship, made it even stronger actually."

It seems that this tandem is one for the record as one of The Bachelor’s more successful couples.  In fact, Matt is happy that he had met the woman of his dreams through the reality show.

"I really felt just so grateful that someone had enabled me to meet her," he said.  "I know that sounds really cheesy, but it’s genuinely how I felt."

Shayne is equally thankful that their journey in finding love was documented through the reality series.  She says, "The fact that we get to look back on this in 60 years time and be able to watch it, I think that that’s a gift from God that we’ve been given.  I mean we get to look at the moment that we first laid eyes on each other.  I think that that’s the one thing that we throughout all of this we agree on.  We get to let our grandchildren watch this."

If plans about having children and grandchildren are already in their minds, then what about a wedding?  Fans have waited for so long for this moment to arrive.  TMZ reported a few days ago that Shayne and Matt will be heading to Las Vegas next week for a wedding!  Despite rumors about Matt wanting to marry Shayne for a green card, Matt confirmed through a video posted on that he will marry Shayne in Las Vegas next week.  Click here to watch the video.

Whether he was kidding or not, remains to be seen.  Check back for more updates on the latest season of The Bachelor.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Us Magazine, TMZ
(Photo courtesy of ABC)