Former 'Bachelor' Featured on 'House' Soundtrack
Fans of both reality dating series The Bachelor and scripted medical drama House might not expect any kind of crossover between the two shows. But the new soundtrack album and DVD of season 3 of House features just that: Bob Guiney from season 4 of The Bachelor.


Guiney contributes vocals for the “Band from TV” which also includes House himself, Hugh Laurie, on piano, and Greg Grunberg from Heroes. On the soundtrack, the Band from TV also includes Bonnie Sommerville, from previous Fox series Kitchen Confidential and the upcoming ABC show Cashmere Mafia, and James Denton from Desperate Housewives. The DVD featurette on the band also features Lester Holt from NBC News.

The band supports several charities, including the Pediatric Epilepsy Project, Save the Children, the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, and others.

This is not, of course, Guiney's first foray into music. He was a member of the band Fat Amy for most of the '90's, and later headlined his own The Bob Guiney Band, which hoped to leverage his exposure on The Bachelor to bring more attention to his music career. He also put out an album in 2003 titled 3 Sides and continues to record and perform with The Bob Guiney Band; songs from the band are currently featured on his MySpace page.

And with regard to his personal life, neither The Bachelorette, where he first appeared, nor The Bachelor directly made a match for him. However, Bob has been married since 2004 to actor Rebecca Budig, whom he met in 2003 during the taping for The Bachelor: Special Edition for the ABC Family Network. It's a stretch, but maybe ABC wants to consider chalking the couple up as one of the series' rare success, since they were at least tangentially involved in bringing the two together.


- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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