BuddyTV Digital Video: Debbie Explains 'The Bachelor' Finale to Oscar
This season of The Bachelor has turned into some kind of weird phenomenon that is seriously blowing up the blogosphere. No kidding, like, a jillion-bazillion people are searching for news, any news, about The Bachelor on Google right now. See for yourself. It's insane.

Probably, those of you who are reading this article right now saw the season finale and the “After the Final Rose” last night and are just shocked beyond belief about what you just saw. While watching it, maybe you thought to yourself, “Did I just see right? Did Jason Mesnick really dump Melissa Rycroft right there on that couch, on national television, breaking off their engagement?” Then, a moment later, perhaps your jaw dropped as Jason asked Molly Malaney, Melissa's runner-up, for another chance? Holy, mother-Chucker!

Well, if you're like me, then you probably know some people who don't care a whit about what just happened last night. That person, for me, is my fellow BuddyTV writer, Oscar Dahl.

You may remember Oscar from such BuddyTV features as the BuddyTV Podcasts of Glory or the always entertaining American Idol Live Thoughts. Oscar is a swell chap, great writer, good friend, but one thing he is not is a fan of The Bachelor. When I came to work this morning, everyone in the office except for Oscar was talking about The Bachelor.

I admit that I am pretty invested in this season of The Bachelor. I have been recapping the show and interviewing many of the eliminated bachelorettes. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the show and about the people involved, and after last night's travesty of a reunion show, I am incensed. Incensed! I cannot believe that Jason would actually go in front of the cameras and break the heart of a woman he, not too long ago, professed a profound love for. And, not that this is going to matter at all, I want everyone else to share my anger, starting with Oscar.

Oscar doesn't have a lot of background knowledge about The Bachelor in general, so I sat down with him to give him a crash course in Jason Mesnick's douchebaggery. Here is how our conversation went.

In the comments below, share your reactions to Jason's about-face! What should have Jason done differently?

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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