Bachelor's Jason "Hopes and Thinks" Melissa Will Win 'Dancing with the Stars'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Despite only having a few days to practice, ex-fiance Jason Mesnick predicts that The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft should have no problem going all the way on Dancing with the Stars this season.

"I know she has danced her whole life, and she must be excited for the opportunity. I hope and think she will win it all,” he told Extra. "I am so excited for Melissa."

It’s not hard to understand why Mesnick would be quick to show his support for ex-fiancee Rycroft now that the news has leaked that she will replace injured Nancy O’Dell during the premiere of the dancing competition tonight. Since he unceremoniously dumped Rycroft on national television for runner-up Molly Malaney last week, Mesnick has suffered a public relations firestorm that shows few signs of allaying any time soon.

On Monday’s Bonnie Hunt Show, Jason apologized again for his actions during and after the finale of The Bachelor. "I want to apologize to you and to the audience and to anybody who is watching because I did something obviously that I am not very proud of and that is talking to Melissa in front of the camera," he said. "It's something that I've thought about every day since then, and I will think about probably every single day for the rest of my life.”

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"Obviously the producers really wanted me to do that, but I take full responsibility for my actions and for what happened and I apologize most of all to Melissa," Mesnick continued, in an obvious reference to emails that leaked last week between the split couple, in which Melissa expressed anger at Jason for shirking blame about his decision to break up with her on camera.

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On Friday, former Bachelor Andrew Firestone added his voice to the list of celebrities who have openly criticized Mesnick’s actions, including former Bachelorette Trista Rehn Sutter. One of the main complains has been that if Mesnick was so torn, he ought not to have proposed during the Bachelor finale.

"If he didn’t have his mind made up, don’t do anything," Firestone told US Magazine. "Don’t feel that you are so pressured into having to propose or make a decision. There’s no reason that you have to do anything, especially if you’re so torn that you’re crying like a little girl on that balcony.”

Firestone went on: "He was faking it so much that he was crying uncontrollably and then [showed] uncontrollable elation, so he was either lying to one or the other, convincingly."

“I think it’s a front -- him crying. I think it’s so much more calculated," Firestone said. "But he always tried to be the guy next door. I don’t even know what his motivation was, whether it’s being on TV or whatever it is.”

Instead, Firestone says Mesnick "was acting like an ass" during the finale and After the Rose special.

"I thought it was super shady that Jason has one girl on and then he did the squirmy, puppy dog kind of thing," Firestone says. "Melissa goes walking off and then the other girl comes on, and he’s sheepish and making out with her. Come on.

"He keeps saying, 'Oh, nobody knows what it’s like,' but ... nobody would put themselves in those shoes. Those are shoes that nobody wants to wear. He can keep saying, 'Oh, you’re not in my shoes.' Well there’s a reason for that, because I choose not to put those shoes on."

As for Melissa, the support continue to roll in for her next stint on reality TV. Sutter, a Dancing alum herself and friend of Rycroft, is full of encouragement.

“I'm a huge fan and think it's the absolute perfect thing for her to do now!” Trista told Life & Style.  “She's a dancer, so hopefully that will give her a little advantage since she has missed out on lots of the training time. As a vet of the show (if only pathetically for a couple weeks), I've told her that America will embrace her, so hopefully she'll get everyone voting for her and can enjoy the experience a lot longer than me!"

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