'Bachelor' Videos: Which Woman is Most Devilish? Who Offended Brad? Who 'Needs a Man to Lead' Her?
'Bachelor' Videos: Which Woman is Most Devilish? Who Offended Brad? Who 'Needs a Man to Lead' Her?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Two hours of The Bachelor on Monday night is definitely not enough, am I right? Every time our weekly movie-length episode is over, I find myself involuntarily pounding my fists on my knees and  shattering my empty wine bottle on the hardwood floor while screaming, "MORE! I need MORE!" And I bet I'm not alone.

Thankfully, ABC hears our pleas for more, more, MORE Bachelor. This is their weekly batch of extras for our collective enjoyment. In this batch: Emily prepares to tell Brad about her past, more Raichel and Melissa madness, a "Devil Voice" competition and the Diaries of the Departed. So ... enjoy!

First, a sneak peek: Grab your tissues and get ready to feel an emotion you haven't felt about The Bachelor in quite a while: Compassion. Watch as Emily tells the women about the tragedy that befell her fiance, Ricky, and prepares to tell Brad the story.

Deleted Scene: As if Monday's episode needed to be more of "The Melissa and Raichel YIKES! Show," here's a bit more "YIKES!" from Melissa and Raichel. But when you've got a surplus of crazy, why not share it with the world? That's what ABC, and Melissa, and Raichel, decided to do in this deleted scene in which they compete to see who can freak out Brad the quickest. I think it's a draw?

Bachelor Uncensored: "THE DEVIL HAS COME TO KILL YOU!" Oh boy, I hope this becomes a regular online feature from ABC, because-- and let this irony sink in for a moment--the bachelorettes have never seemed more human than when they pretend to be The Devil.

Diaries of the Departed: Poor Keltie. Instead of just admitting that she and Brad weren't a good match (I could have told you that based solely on her headband and feather earrings), she beat herself up and down the block about it. What could she have said to offend Brad? Inquiring minds want to know! But inquiring minds also already know one thing: There's no way whatever she said was worse than Raichel's "I need a man to lead me."

One last thing: Check out the photos from next week's "action adventure" movie filming date! It's going to be explosive...ly ridiculous.

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