'Bachelor' Sneak Peeks: 'What Do You Get When You Mix a Gingerbread Man and a Hooker?'
'Bachelor' Sneak Peeks: 'What Do You Get When You Mix a Gingerbread Man and a Hooker?'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Well, that's a question I'm pretty sure has never, in the history of the world, been asked before. Leave it to the vicious ladies of The Bachelor, and their inappropriately exposed breasts, to break new linguistic ground in their attempts to break each other's spirits.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, for his first group date of the season, Ben accompanies 12 of his ladies to a park in Sonoma, where they're tasked with performing a play written by some local kids. There, each woman auditions for the children, and is then given a role and a ridiculous costume. And one woman elects to bounce around in a tiny, cleavage-baring romper in front of the kiddies, until she's thankfully covered up by a cookie.

You know what? You'd better just watch the clip for yourself:

Play Date Sneak Peek: The Sprinkler, the Robot, the Wizard, the Weasel, the Hippie, the Gingerbread Hooker and the Bitchy Bunny -- these are just some of the dance moves and characters we'll get to see and meet during Ben's "play date." Notice that Blakeley's drawing a lot of heat and hate this week. And that Jenna's slim chance of ever appearing attractive to Ben will magically disappear.

Oh, Jenna. Never put your trust in the children. Because the children are putting their trust in The Bachelor, and The Bachelor will NEVER be your friend.

jenna-wizard2.jpgJust a little 'arry Pottah humor for my fellow Dumbledorks out there.

ET has another sneak peek/interview from the group date:
In which Ben says he is nowhere near ready for kids and calls himself a "fortunate dude," and Samantha Sash once again forges ahead as a frontrunner ... for the most obnoxious and mean-spirited contestant this season. Congratulations, Samantha! You probably should have gotten the weasel costume. But your sash is still worse.

Watch more Bachelor Episode 2 sneak peeks here and here (and here, in photo form), and then tune in Monday at 8pm on ABC for the episode. I'll be back here that night with my full recap. Which will hopefully include more photos of the women with beards.

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