Another 'Bachelor' Couple Bites The Dust
Well, what a surprise. Note my sarcasm here. According to In Touch magazine, another Bachelor couples bites the dust. There are only two to choose from since the only pairs still together are Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado and Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas. Since Velvick and Delgado have proved to pass the test of time, and a dramatic domestic dispute, that leaves only one couple left. Yes, it seems Matt and Shayne couldn’t make it work and have called it quits.

The Bachelor couple moved right in together as soon as their romance went public. Things went south soon after and Matt has apparently moved into his own apartment. "She asked him to leave her apartment in Studio City," an insider told In Touch. "They’re just pretending to still be together to save face for the show." There’s really no need to save face since no Bachelor couple has ever made it to the altar. Why should Matt and Shayne be any different?

Matt decided to man up and address the issue, speaking to In Touch himself. "I was at her place for a few weeks, but it was a small apartment. It’s obviously a testing time for us as a couple, so it just seemed that it’d be great for us to have our own little space. We didn’t want to be on top of each other early on.” He went on to say that things were okay between them and that the story was being blown out of proportion. "It wasn’t like she said, ‘You’ve got to get out!’ — that’d be a bit too much. It was just an agreement.”

In Touch says that Shayne became jealous after finding out that Matt was flirting with another woman. He dismissed the claims that he was inappropriate with anyone, saying, “It doesn’t mean we were doing anything, you know what I mean? She’s allowed to have her friends and I’m allowed to have mine — the trust is there.” Matt may still be trying to prove to America that he and Shayne are very much in love but I don’t think anybody is buying it anymore.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: In Touch
(Image courtesy of ABC)