The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table - Finale Edition
The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table - Finale Edition
The Celebrity Apprentice has come and gone, but before we lay it to waste and wait for The Celebrity Apprentice 2, we thought we'd discuss this past season with a few former Apprentice contestants.  Yes, our Celebrity Apprentice Round Table is indeed back after a mini-hiatus.  Joining us today for the discussion were Lee Bienstock, Carey Sherrell and Jenn Hoffman.  The discussion ranged from the production of last night's episode, the merits of the charity aspect of the show, and the decline in true competition this season.  Listen to the full mp3 audio of our discussion below.

Jenn didn't arrive until about ten minutes into our Round Table, but she stopped by long enough to give her two cents on last night's two hour finale.  She was actually something of a fan of the episode and thought it fit right in with previous Apprentice seasons.  Carey and Lee disagreed with this sentiment, and thought last night's episode was boring, lacked suspense, and resembled a public TV telethon. 

Carey is friends with Omarosa, and so he doesn't much like Piers Morgan.  While I disagree with him about Omarosa, we both were surprised and disappointed that she didn't receive very much screen time last night.  You'd think Donald Trump would let Omarosa go off on Piers, if just for a couple of minutes.  Lee felt that every episode was very predictable and he knew what was going to happen after five minutes, every time.  Jenn was extremely pleased with the end result of the show last night and has new found faith in Trump because of it.  I agree – I thought they were setting Trace up for the undeserved win.

I recommend listening to the discussion, and not simply reading the highlights.  We look forward to doing more Apprentice Round Tables next season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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