The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table #4
The BuddyTV 'Celebrity Apprentice' Round Table #4
The Celebrity Apprentice is still going strong and last night, even if nothing really ended up happening, brought the requisite drama.  The ugly feud between Omarosa and Piers Morgan escalated to heights that I'm guessing no one could have anticipated.  Most everyone I've discussed the episode with was downright appalled by Omarosa's behavior and the personal attacks she waged on Piers Morgan.  It seemed to come out of nowhere (she said awful things about Piers family, his kids and their relationship with Piers) and it was ugly and somewhat difficult to watch.  To discuss these events, four contestants from The Apprentice: LA joined us for the fourth edition of the BuddyTV Celebrity Apprentice Round Table - Jenn Hoffman, Carey Sherrell, Derek Arteta and Nicole D'Ambrosio.

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of our round table discussion.

As always with these round tables, it's probably best if you actually listen to the audio - these four carry on very entertaining discussions.  But, if you're in a place where audio isn't an option, I'll run down some of the highlights.

Carey is a well-known supporter of Omarosa.  The two are friends and usually talk on the phone after every episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.  Carey did his best to defend Omarosa's actions on last night's episode, saying that sometimes when you're around a person who is awful (in this case, Piers) you tend to act far more vile then you usually would.

This line of defense didn't carry much weight with the rest of the panel.  Jenn and Nicole were especially critical of Omarosa's behavior, saying they had lost all respect for her as a player and as a person.  The question of how much of an act she was putting on was debated, though in the end the general consensus was that, given the harsh nature of Omarosa's personal attacks, it didn't really matter.  This was the worst anyone had seen Omarosa and, for a person known for this sort of thing, that's really saying something.

In addition to Omarosa, the panel discussed the nature of the tasks, Trump's decision not to fire anybody, and the star treatment that the celebrities receive.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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