Project Manager Goldberg Eliminated from 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Project Manager Goldberg Eliminated from 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Delegating tasks is one of the responsibilities a leader has, but Bill Goldberg took that a bit too far on tonight's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. He was chosen as project manager for Team Rock Solid, but he was eventually fired from the boardroom. Why? Because shockingly enough, Rock of Love's Bret Michaels did most of the work.

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It was expected that he knew more about being a musician than Bill Goldberg, who was assigned to manage the situation. The wrestler wasn't up to the task, which was creating an image makeover for Emily West and Luke Bryan, two country music stars.

Joining the cast on the recent episode was Trace Adkins, former Celebrity Apprentice contestant and a country music star himself. He had to oversee the efforts of both teams and helped them out as they went along.

The men took on Luke Bryan, but exhibited more control than was necessary. Goldberg even yelled at their client in the hopes of coercing the man to smile. Obviously, that didn't work and the boss heard about it.

In the boardroom, Donald Trump asked why Bill Goldberg didn't step up to his title. He should've owned up to his responsibilities, instead of letting Bret Michaels take the helm. Even the Poison frontman wasn't safe from criticisms though. He was asked why he didn't just become project manager himself.

Rock Solid reasoned out that they let the wrestler lead them because they wanted his charity to get the money. This wasn't good enough for Donald Trump, even though he admired what the group did with Luke Bryan's concert.

Ultimately, the winner was declared and it was the women's team, Tenacity, that won. Their client, Emily West, looked better in her performance. This resulted in the men being in the hot seat and Goldberg getting fired at last.

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Now there are only two men going against the five ladies of Tenacity. We knew the girls had the upper hand since the beginning, but there could be a game-changer next week. To even things out, Donald might just mix up the groups of Celebrity Apprentice then.  

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