Donald Trump: 'The Amazing Race' Doesn't Deserve Emmy Wins
Well, what else would you expect from Donald Trump?

The business mogul and host of The Celebrity Apprentice is taking aim at The Amazing Race, saying that the CBS reality show does not deserve its Emmy wins.

That show, after all, has won the Outstanding Reality Competition Series award every year since the category was introduced in 2003. And if Trump is to be believed, it's not because the show is good, but because it knows its way around the judging panel.

"It's a shame that Amazing Race keeps winning, because it doesn't deserve to win it," Trump told The Hollywood Reporter. "It wins every year because they know how to politic the Emmys."

He believes that the predictability in this particular category has contributed to the Emmys' shrinking ratings in recent years. And another thing, too: "[The Emmy voters have] lost credibility," he said. "Instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick Amazing Race. It's a very sad commentary."

If he had his way, he'd see The Celebrity Apprentice win. Of course, what else would you expect from Donald Trump? He thinks the show is having one of its best seasons ever--to his credits, last night's episode hit a ratings high, partly because of Brett Michaels' medical troubles--and he says he doesn't just expect an Emmy nomination, but an Emmy win.

"Incredible. It's a joke," he said. "If the Emmys want their ratings back, they have to pick shows that deserve it."

Now to see if the Emmy folk agrees with him.

(Image courtesy of NBC)