'Celebrity Apprentice': Michael Johnson Quits, Selita Ebanks Fired
'Celebrity Apprentice': Michael Johnson Quits, Selita Ebanks Fired
With all this quitting going on in Celebrity Apprentice, one can't help but wonder if the contestants really wanted to be there in the first place. On the recent episode of the series, two stars left the boardroom - one gave up, the other was fired. What's more, a couple celebs even missed the entire task due to more pressing matters.

Find Out What Task the Celebs Dealt With

It was revealed that Sharon Osbourne was sick while the assignment was being done, so she opted to stay out of the competition temporarily. Meanwhile, her teammate Cyndi Lauper decided that hanging out with President Obama in Washington, D.C. was far more important than working for Donald Trump.

However, the most shocking twist of the evening was perhaps Michael Johnson leaving the show to handle a more personal issue. It was announced that the Celebrity Apprentice contestant had to quit due to family problems, but Donald Trump announced that he was welcome to come back once that was settled.

Meanwhile, the teams were tasked to create a commercial for Right Guard Total Defense 5 deodorant. Johnson helped out the best he could, but in the end he had to leave the show. It still enabled his team, Rock Solid, to win the challenge.

That meant that the ladies suffered their first loss after a three-time winning streak. Team Tenacity had to report to the boardroom and face Trump, and there were three who lined up for the firing squad.

Project manager Holly Robinson Peete was one of the chosen, with WWE's Maria Kanellis and Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks joining her. Donald Trump considered the personalities of the three girls when making his decision, and finally showed one of them to the door.

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Selita Ebanks had to be fired from Celebrity Apprentice because she lacked the aggressive trait that Trump was hoping for. The fact that she led her team to victory last week didn't seem to occur to the boss, but there had to be one more casualty on the show. Unfortunately, she just wasn't as fierce as the others and needed to be let go.

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