'Celebrity Apprentice': Bret Michaels Stable, But Suffering from 'Minor Setback'
Since news broke out of musician Bret Michaels' brain hemorrhage, friends and fans of the Celebrity Apprentice star have prayed for his recovery. Now, reports have it that his condition has improved from critical to stable. However, he is still undergoing tests.

According to his representatives, it was discovered that the Poison frontman has been diagnosed with a side effect of the disease. People reports that this might lead to Bret Michaels having seizures, meaning he'd still have to remain in the intensive care unit until this passes.

A statement released on Bret Michaels' Facebook page announced: "Test results indicate a setback in Bret Michaels condition a side effect from the brain hemorrhage called hyponatremia a lack of sodium in the body which leads to seizures."

Doctors have also been trying to discover the reason for the hemorrhage, and several believe that Bret Michaels' Tony mishap was to blame. But all this is only speculation.

"Many people are speculating Michaels head injury suffered from a prop striking the singer at the Tony awards last June is the cause. Additional studies are planned throughout the week to hopefully detect the exact cause of the rupture."

While it all sounds so terrible, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant is still pulling through. "Michaels remains under 24-hour observation in the ICU and is in positive spirits. He is responding well to tests and treatments. Even though today was a minor setback Doctors remain hopeful for a full recovery and plan to release more specific information next Monday."

With that, we will continue to follow the developments of Bret Michaels condition, while wishing this Celebrity Apprentice star all the best.

(Image Courtesy of WENN)