'Celebrity Apprentice' 3: Preview of Episode 9
'Celebrity Apprentice' 3: Preview of Episode 9
We're an episode away from the much-awaited finale of Celebrity Apprentice, and they're still making changes. Well, to the challenge anyway. Tonight, a renovation is in store for the remaining contestants as the Donald brings in real estate to the table.

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On this installment of Celebrity Apprentice, there are only five stars left. It's only appropriate, since they'll be turning a two-bedroom suite into a five-star luxury. But of course, they have to keep in mind the budget and the time they're given.

Donald Trump assigns the two teams to decide on real estate matters in order to increase the value of the said room. They're told to renovate overnight, a deadline that might just cost them their respect for one another.

The project is already in jeopardy from the start, since one team just can't seem to agree on what they're going to do with the apartment. It's project manager against the rest of the team here, but what else do we expect from Celebrity Apprentice?

Meanwhile, the other team is suffering from creative differences. One of the stars is having trouble getting along with the others, which might just lead him out of the boardroom. It looks as though another male's going home tonight, unless he proves that he deserves to stay.

For this assignment, Holly Robinson Peete will be taking the reigns as project manager once again for Team Tenacity. This will be her third chance to prove herself as a leader, and we never really expected that from her.

Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne gets her second shot at project manager tonight for Rock Solid as well. Both ladies have shown exemplary skill in their previous run, during the fundraising episode wherein no one was fired. Now that they're leading the pack again tonight, could another twist be on the way?

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We don't think Donald will go off firing anyone from Celebrity Apprentice anymore though. The finale's almost here! But before that, don't miss tonight's episode as it airs on NBC.

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