'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Gary Busey is Literally Barking Mad
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Gary Busey is Literally Barking Mad
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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So far this season on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, there have been quite a few at least semi-qualified celebrities fired. Bret Michaels, a former Celebrity Apprentice champ was fired as a result of Omarosa's manipulation. Capable celebs like Dee Snider and, surprisingly enough, Brande Roderick fell victim to being Project Managers at the wrong time that resulted in their termination.

And through all this, somehow crazed squirrel Gary Busey has survived the last eight boardrooms. Maybe it's because with the tasks that he has most royally screwing up, his team has been the overall winner and therefore he was in no danger of being fired. Or maybe because it's just a ratings ploy. Maybe we'll never know.

The two teams start off the next task by meeting Donald and advisers Joan Rivers and Ivanka Trump in Times Square. The task will be to create a video for LG displaying their line of interactive and web connective appliances that can be controlled by their LG smartphone. The executive will choose the winner based on creativity, integration of the products and overall product knowledge. The executive makes it clear that the ads should exemplify their brand name and message, "LG: Life is Good." The winning project manager will receive $40,000 for their charity and $1 for every Facebook share.

Team Plan B

Gary is Project Manager for a second time for Plan B and things start to go wrong from the word "go." He is inattentive when the LG specialists come to visit the team to talk to them all about the products. He even walks away during one of the demonstrations and seems nothing short of senile asking the poor expert to repeat himself over and over and over again when he doesn't understand what's going on around him.

Things don't get better from there. Penn and Lisa try to brainstorm, but Gary shoots each of their ideas down before they even finish their sentences. Gary actually shushes Lisa and tells her to just stop so he can think. He comes up with the coherent (and by coherent, I mean incoherent) idea on his own to revolve the video around his father character turning into a mechanical dog. So this is about the point in time LG should have started making out their check to Lil Jon's charity, the American Diabetes Association.

Penn and Lisa agree to go with Gary's idea and try to be good sports about it. They promise him his support even though they vocalize their disagreement. Gary hires the actors, and the two females he picks to play his wife and daughter in the video not only look exactly the same but they are the same age. So as Penn points out, there is a weird sister-wife thing going on, but that is the least of their problems.

Ivanka comes in to overview how the team is doing and sees the mechanical dog in action, which begs her to ask the pertinent question: "Why is Gary acting like a vomiting dog?" She also sees that Lisa and Penn are kind of isolated from Gary, who is currently the crazy president of his own planet in a different universe.

Lisa and Gary get into a minor scuffle after Gary physically pushes a cameraman out of the way and Lisa reprimands his inappropriate behavior. Gary acts defensively to her accusation that he was being rude. He condescends to her that she shouldn't have acted that way toward him, the Project Manager and high authority, in front of the crew.

The presentation goes just about as terribly as could be expected. Although Gary and Penn manage to impress the executive with their knowledge of the products, the video is amateur and embarrassing, to say the least.

Team Power

Lil Jon steps up as Project Manager, being the admittedly most technologically-minded person on his team. He is genuinely excited about the products during the demonstrations and meeting with the executive.

After brain-storming for a short while, Marilu comes up with the idea of doing a role-reversal situation about a mom who is usually inept when it comes to technology, showing off how easy it is to use all of their new smart LG products when her son comes back from college. They also decide that Marilu is perfect to play the mom in the video itself.

The filming goes off without a hitch. The only thing that worries adviser Joan Rivers is that Lil Jon is being very meticulous about directing the commercial and that might cost the team time. They make up for any time that he may have wasted, however, by sending Trace to the edit bay early to edit the film as they continue to shoot.

The presentation also goes well, although Lil Jon is a bit discouraged by the executive's lack of reaction during the video. The executives point out that they are especially impressed by Marilu's performance and knowledge of products.


Donald Trump starts things off on a positive note by telling them all that LG is donating a bundle of smart technology including smartphones and tablets to each of the six remaining players' charities and then quickly digresses into trying to talk Marilu into coming to Las Vegas with him to count cards and win him money. And I'm sure he would donate all of his winnings to charity as well. As long as that charity is the many Gold Ceilings of Trump Penthouses Fund.

They waste a lot of time asking Lil Jon and Gary how their teams did when we know full well that there is no possible way that Gary could have pulled off a win in this circumstance. The most significant thing to happen during this exchange is that Trump accuses Trace of flying under the radar for the last few weeks, which is just inaccurate.

The teams view each other's videos and Trump can barely hide his disdain for Gary's ridiculous performance in his video. He declares Team Power and Lil Jon the winners and sends them out of the boardroom to deal with Gary.

Gary tries to use the argument that they lost because he was abandoned by his team, that Lisa "confrontated" him and that Penn was "criticize-ical" of him. Then he accuses Lisa and Penn of being liars when they defend themselves by actually telling the truth about what happened.

Fortunately for Penn and Lisa, Ivanka had witnessed the crazy dynamic that went into them losing the task on their visit. Not only that, but Penn and Lisa remain completely calm and rational without losing an ounce of patience from dealing with a delusional Gary Busey when making their cases to Trump, which is more than some of us could have managed.

Ultimately, there's really no question that anyone else is going home tonight. Gary Busey is finally fired, and takes his leave of the boardroom without as much of a word to anyone, including his teammates. So not only is he bananas, but he's a bad sport as well. So many admirable qualities that one has. But at least the remaining five celebrities are all legitimate contenders now, each with a decent chance of winning it all.

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