The Amazing Race Winner Takes on New Challenges: Fighting HIV/AIDS
Chip Arndt, with his then-partner Reichen Lehmkuhl, traveled over 44,000 miles to win Season Four of The Amazing Race. He has a much shorter distance to travel over the next few weeks and months – only 425 miles – but for a much more serious undertaking.

Arndt has created a challenge for himself, which he is calling “Chip’s Personal Response to AIDS Across America (CPR to AAA).” He will be participating in two AIDS Walks and two AIDS bike rides, for that total of 425 miles. His ambitious goal is to raise $100,000 overall for HIV/AIDS related organizations.

He is targeting nine separate service entities, all centered in Florida, Washington D.C., and New York City. These particular areas were selected as they are currently most-affected parts of the country. In recent years, a combination of complacency, mixed messages due to the success of treatment, new virulent HIV strains, and increasing meth-related high-risk behavior have contributed to a steady increase in the number of new infections, especially among women.

Arndt is hoping to use the power and popularity of social networking sites – specifically MySpace – to raise both awareness and funds. He believes “using social networking sites is a fun and practical way to quickly spread the word and invite participation.”

Although this might be his most ambitious and coordinated effort yet, this current campaign is not Arndt’s only foray in fundraising for the cause. He has actually previously completed several AIDS-related bike rides, marathons and walking event.

More information about his campaign can be found at his MySpace page: The full list of charities that will benefit from his efforts is as follows: LGBT Community Center in New York City, the Whitman-Walker Clinic in Washington, D.C., and the following organizations in Florida: the Hug Me Program at The Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families in Orlando; Trinities Charities in Sarasota; the Compass Community Center in West Palm Beach, Broward House in Ft. Lauderdale, Care Resource in Miami, South Beach AIDS Project in Miami Beach and AIDS Help in Key West.

Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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