'The Amazing Race' Week 3 U-Turn Award: Fly the Unfriendly Skies
'The Amazing Race' Week 3 U-Turn Award: Fly the Unfriendly Skies
Bill King
Bill King
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There were a lot of little mistakes during the nine remaining teams' travels from Chile to Portugal during the third week of The Amazing Race season 23. And while many of them were self-inflicted, like the fact that the LA Kings ice girls didn't know what "math" was, others were chance occurrences, some that hurt a lot worse than others.

For example, Jason and Amy have a history of bad cab luck. And sure enough, this week their driver rear-ended someone on the way to the airport. But thankfully, the damage wasn't bad enough to halt the trip.

These kinds of events, while it's difficult to call them "mistakes," can still derail an entire leg, as we found out this week. And while it may not entirely be the fault of the team, they still made the decisions that led up to the possibly unforeseen incident. 

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You could point to Jason and Amy getting confused over directions being a blunder because it cost them first place, or Timothy and Reebs (Marie) deciding not to use the Express Pass when they had no idea if another team was behind them as possibly deserving of a Uey. 

But at the end of the day, the always-risky decision to rely on the on-time service record of the airline industry doomed Chester and Ephraim. And the worst part is the preceding events could hardly be considered their fault.

My two-time most likable team, fresh off a first-place finish (thanks to a blunder by Leo and Jamal), was actually the first to arrive at the travel agency. But then a date-entry mistake by the agent negated the earlier flight they had booked and put them on par with several of the other teams. 

Feeling bad, the agent did more research, called them back and offering a flight with two connections that would get them in earlier than the rest. And with that, the former NFLers had to decide whether to take the very risky statistical edge or rely on their on-the-ground abilities to push past the other teams. 

Several flight delays and missed connections later, Chester and Ephraim were sent home without even stepping foot on Portuguese soil. While the other teams were building statues, shooting arrows and (at least for the girls) attempting to be cartographers, the poor football players were sitting at the airport. All day. And that, my friends, earns you a U-Turn Award.

All three of the awards so far have gone to the team that was eliminated, meaning that no one has run a good leg and simply finished last. All three teams that have been ousted played an important role in helping that happen. Will the trend continue? We'll find out next week.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.
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