'The Amazing Race' Recap: First Fries to the Finish Line
'The Amazing Race' Recap: First Fries to the Finish Line
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The new season of The Amazing Race is now officially in full swing as the remaining ten teams continue their trek around the world. The million-dollar prize is in their sights as they make history for the long running franchise. For the first time, the duos will compete head-to-head for a place at the mat with Phil. What cultural shenanigans could they possibly perform this time?

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Kristi of Team Extreme leans over the river complaining that she needs to puke. To celebrate winning the first leg of the race, they drank some of the "Black Death" mentioned from the first episode and now it seems to be coming back with a vengeance. Let's hope it doesn't pose as an issue later on their journey to the next stop, Amsterdam. 

Next Stop... Belgium

The teams are all be on the same flight, leading to a foot race as they touch down in Antwerp, Belgium. From here, they must search for a chocolate shop for their next clue. At 9 a.m. sharp, all of the teams rush into the shop, grab their clue and head towards a Road Block. Winding roads turn into a maze as they attempt to find a crane which will take the competitors to new heights. One team member must climb a ladder as the crane escalates higher into the sky, grab the clue from the top and then make their way back down the ladder before the crane retracts back to its original position. 

Teams Slam Dunk, Firefighters, Big Brother and Well Strung scale the ladders and carry on to one of two Detours while the remaining teams continue through the city maze, looking for the crane. 

An Old World Concept

Team Big Brother is the first to arrive at the printing press Detour where they will copy their next clue letter by letter and print them the old-fashioned way. Teams Slam Dunk, Extreme, Firefighters, Ocean Rescue and Yale soon join them. Meanwhile, Teams IndyCar, Goat Yoga and Chomp arrive at the diamond Detour where they must grade and appraise various cuts of diamonds. The printing press looks to be the easier of the Detours as Teams Slam Dunk, Extreme and Big Brother pull ahead in first through third places. From here, they meet up in the square where Phil awaits them at the mat, but marking their place in the race won't be that easy. They must celebrate the birthplace of French fries by dressing up in a costume, grabbing a cart full of the snacks and racing around an obstacle course in various races against each team head-to-head. 

Yep, this is the first time the teams will fight for their spot at the mat. Coming in first place is Cody for Team Big Brother with an extra prize of $2,500 each. Team Slam Dunk tag teams and awaits the next team to arrive to the mat for another race. Slam Dunk comes in second place thanks to a win against Team Yale. Now they must tag team and race against Team Extreme for third place. Unfortunately, they lose, and Team Extreme rounds out the top three. Seems her bout with the "Black Death" didn't prove to be an issue at all. Team Yale falls behind even further, losing fourth place to Team Well Strung. 

Frazzled Fries

Teams continue to make their way to the French fry race and each time they trump Team Yale for their spot at the mat. Henry and Evan of Team Yale sit in the middle of the obstacle course, tired, five times defeated and dressed as overgrown happy meal fries. It is quite the sad sight to see. 

Wait! A glimmer of hope as Team Goat Yoga lines up to race. Henry pulls ahead to lead and keeps the lead. He runs up to the finish line and... he trips and falls on his face. Can he pick his packages of fries up and cross the line before his opponent catches up? Yes! Team Yale gets to the mat in 8th place. 

Now is the moment of truth. Teams Firefighters and Team Goat Yoga must race for the last spot in The Amazing Race. Whoever loses this race will be eliminated. In the end, April just cannot compete. The Firefighters finish in 9th place, rounding out the remaining teams. Going home tonight is... Team Goat Yoga. 

What did you think of the first ever head-to-head competition? Should the show implement more competitions like this one? Or should they stick to the old way of things? Leave your comments below and join the discussion! 

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