'The Amazing Race': Episode 6 Preview
'The Amazing Race': Episode 6 Preview
I know of at least one team who will be very happy with tonight's episode of The Amazing Race.

I mean, they spent the last five legs dreaming of valet parking and fine dining, and calling anyone who crawled through a war reenactment "stupid people." Now they have the chance to show what the fine life is.

Hello, Carol and Brandy, here's your champagne. Loads of it.

Tonight's leg continues in France, where everything revolves around the wine-making process. I mean, a detour with grapes and glass pyramids and champagne bottles? 

But perhaps unlike two weeks ago--remember that boot of beer in Hamburg?--it seems all the alcohol in tonight's race will get the racers in a tizzy. One will head to the wrong Detour location. Another, to the wrong city altogether (or at least that's what the press release suggests). And, if you've seen the promos, Steve will hit something, and they'll have to rely on duct tape to see them through.

Nah, I don't think Steve was driving drunk. But duct tape holding all that? It is a leap of faith. The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)