'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Duct Tape, Champagne Glasses and Mimes
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Duct Tape, Champagne Glasses and Mimes
Sure, last night's episode of The Amazing Race was fun, with all those mistakes keeping everyone on their toes. But there are little observations that need to be made, too, like the power of relatives who aren't racing, or Phil refusing to talk. Not that he took a vow of silence or anything, but it's discombobulating. Welcome to this week's post-leg honors, then. I'm sure you can here with the bubbly. You didn't? Bah.

Last night's puzzling observation: Why does Phil no longer say we're team number this all the time? I understood his attempts at suspense last week, when he told Louie and Michael that they're in first place just by showing his finger. I understood him doing the same thing last night. But it seems he got too inspired by the mime beside him at the pit stop, that he did the same thing to the other things. I don't find it fun. Or am I just being too whiny?

Last night's glaring omission: Phil was holding the wrong glass for champagne. Now this is really me being whiny, but when Phil introduced last night's Roadblock, he was using the wrong glass for champagne. Lookie:


And this, kids, is an actual champagne glass, designed to not over-oxygenate the wine like other wine glasses do:


Even the French know that. Well, duh, the French should know that.

Last night's biggest fail: not knowing whether we can blame the French tourism offices or the racers themselves.
I think only one team did not head to Reims in the belief that the Taittinger le Maquetterie is there, rather than in Pierry, is Louie and Michael. And I think they asked someone else. The rest of the teams got lost, and I'm at a loss for who is responsible. Should it go to the folks at French tourism office, for not reading the entire clue and pointing them to Taittinger headquarters instead? Or should it go to the racers themselves for not reading the entire clue? I can only shrug, really.

Last night's hero: Steve's wife. Duct tape kept Steve and Allie going through this leg of the race, saving them from the inconveniences of waiting for a replacement car, or at the very least, a bad-sounding ride through Champagne-Ardenne. (Then again, you only get replacement cars when it's considered unsuitable for driving--remember Maria and Tiffany's radiator fluid leak?--and this situation doesn't count.) It would've been much worse if not for Steve's wife, who packed the tape in his bag, with the belief that it can fix anything--or at least, hold anything. And it did.

Last night's best quotable: Dan and Jordan's open plug.
"I think we're gonna get calls from bar mitzvahs around the world asking us to create champagne towers," they said after being the only team to finish the champagne tower Detour. Let's see if they do get any business after last night's episode.

(Images courtesy of CBS/Eikonographia.com)