'The Amazing Race' Hops Around the Outback
'The Amazing Race' Hops Around the Outback
Last week, The Amazing Race left us with a cliffhanger, and I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats to find out what happens. What? You forgot about it? You're watching The Oscars? Well, to catch you up, Gary and Mallory won the Express Pass but Phil told them (and the rest of the teams) that they are STILL racing, and Jet and Cord are stuck at the Road Block decoding some flags.

Jet and Cord are missing the password, while the other ten teams have already checked in and received the clue sending them back to Sydney. The teams will get on two flights to the small town of Broken Hill. Amanda and Kris will be dealing with the season's first U-Turn, but they're in second so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Jet and Cord finally figure out the password and head towards the skiff and the fake Pit Stop. Zev and Justin meet up with Kisha and Jen, and Google their next clue. Mike and Mel note that they're having a harder time with the Race this go around. That Pit Stop fake-out isn't treating anyone well. A teary-eyed Mike tells Mel he doesn't want to run him into the ground and Mel promises he'll make that call for himself.

Googling leads several teams to the anchor at Town Hall. Kisha and Jen, and Zev and Justin are the first two teams to sign up for the first flight. Once they arrive in Sydney, the rest of the teams get to Googling. Gary and Mallory appear lost and run into Ron and Christina, then Amanda and Kris. A local tells them to go to Town Hall, as Mel and Mike, and Kent and Vyxsin get on that first flight.

Jet and Cord half check-in with Phil and I'm already a fan. They're just too cute! The three teams who were in the lead wind up on the second flight, and head for the airport as Jet and Cord are quickly running out of ideas to find "To Sail to Stop." We are all worried about the cowboys.

They finally get on that second flight, which departs at 6:30 am, so they're good! The flights always even things up. The first flight arrives at their marked cars and will search for The Living Desert. Some choose to rely on directions, while others opt for maps. Zev notes that there are not a lot of steakhouses in the Outback.

What's fun about the "Unfinished Business" season is that the teams are already teaming up and working together; it makes for a much more interesting dynamic. The second flight arrives and heads toward the Detour. Teams must choose "Spirit World" or "Natural World."

For "Spirit World," the teams will use traditional materials to create an aboriginal ground mosaic, then dance on top of the mosaic. For "Natural World," the teams will put paint in their mouths and spit it out to create stencil art. Oh boy!

Most of the teams are choosing "Spirit World," because I imagine the idea of putting paint in your mouth isn't particularly appealing in the desert. When Kris takes his shirt off, I realize why they're returning to TV. Hello, Kris!

All the teams meet up at the "Spirit World" challenge. I feel bad for that guy playing the didgeridoo. He looks bored. Kisha and Jen check in first, but they didn't have a very good eye for detail. Kent and Vyxsin are the first to dance atop their mosaic: "Vyxsin, please get me children."

Zev and Justin are the first to leave, having successfully danced on their mosaic (Kent and Vyxsin couldn't seem to figure it out, or that one lady is just a stickler for traditional art). The next clue sends them to Broken Hill to search for "the home of the magpies." Kent and Vyxsin were dancing around their art, instead of on it. They leave around the same time as Kisha and Jen, and Amanda and Kris are still finishing their first Detour.

"Get on it and DANCE!" Jet and Cord say excitedly. They get their clue, followed by Gary and Mallory, and Flight Time and Big Easy. They are no longer in last place. Ron and Christina are in last place, except Amanda and Kris have to complete "Natural World" as well.

It makes sense why no one chose "Natural World" now. It looks really difficult to spit that paint properly! I'm loving Ron, who had a bunch of crap in his jacket and just dumped it out on the ground for the Detour. Amanda and Kris head off, along with Ron and Christina.

For the next task, teams will have to dress up as kangaroos and figure out where to go based on a periodic table, toward the intersection of Mercury and Bismuth! This is not even a joke! Good job, Amazing Race. I didn't know Hg was Mercury, so I'm glad I'm not on this show.

The first two sets of kangaroos out, Zev and Justin and Margie and Luke, find someone with a smart phone, who is able to direct them to the proper intersection. I'm so proud of Kent, who knew what Hg and Bi stood for. Those bouncy kangaroo shoes look really fun.

Margie drops her kangaroo foot, causing her and Luke to have to backtrack. Mike and Mel were kind enough to pick it up for them. Zev and Justin head to the Pit Stop, still in kangaroo suits, at Junction Mine. They do not have to drive in those bouncy shoes, though. Zev and Justin check in first and win a trip to Cancun. Worth it!

The kangaroo suits prove to be incredibly unwieldy, causing problems with getting into the car for almost all the teams. The Globetrotters check in second, as Amanda and Kris, Gary and Mallory, and Ron and Christina are back in the last spots, struggling with the clue and to get along under pressure. Ron suggests that Bi may stand for "Bitunium." It does not.

Jet and Cord check in third, Kisha and Jen in fourth. Gary and Mallory and Ron and Christina finally find their clue at the right intersection, with Amanda and Kris right on their kangaroo tails. Ho ho! The father-daughter teams part ways in the cars for lack of trust. Ron and Christina's decision to split may have been a bad one, though.

Margie and Luke check in fifth, Mel and Mike check in sixth. Good job, guys! Kent and Vyxsin come in seventh, with Jaime and Cara in eighth. Gary and Mallory, "so hoppy to be here," check in ninth. Ron and Christina check in tenth, leaving Amanda and Kris to check in last, and Ron and Christina to continue to work on their relationship.

Amanda and Kris are eliminated. Goodbye, gorgeous abs! Now go get married already.
Next week's episode looks appropriately insane.

Who were your favorite kangaroos? Do you have any questions for Amanda and Kris? Leave your questions in the comments, I'll be talking to them on Monday.

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