'The Amazing Race' Finale Preview: This Race to the Finish Isn't Easy
'The Amazing Race' Finale Preview: This Race to the Finish Isn't Easy
Well, we've made it this far. After eleven legs around the world and eight teams saying goodbye, we're pretty close to the finish line of The Amazing Race.

The final three teams are quite an unlikely bunch. Cowboys Jet and Cord--well, we expected them around, after running a strong race. Models Brent and Caite is surprisingly here, but the fact that they've had luck on their side means something. A bigger surprise for me are brothers Dan and Jordan: they're solid, but they haven't really done enough.

Now there's only one leg left, a handful more tasks separating them to the million dollar grand prize. Tonight we return to familiar territory--hello, San Francisco!--where teams start an uphill climb to first place and, maybe, meet Darth Vader along the way. (Phil, I am your father!)

Now the biggest enemy is stress. And desperation, maybe. Tonight, one team will cut the line and another team will be severely affected. Cue heated arguments in the airport. And maybe at the finish line, where another team is expected to face a big argument. Why do I have a feeling that it wouldn't be one of the final three teams?

Anyway, we ourselves have reached the finish line, and it's a race to the end on The Amazing Race. That's tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)