The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Episode 9 Recap

Originally aired on Sunday, 04/15/2007

Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: It's an action-packed episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars as the teams make their way to Hong Kong and complete some action-movie themed tasks.

Episode Highlights:

  • More airport drama!  Once again, luck (bad and good) at the airport directly impacts the outcome at the mat.
  • The teams land in Hong Kong, and have a series of fun, action-movie style tasks to complete.
  • The Beauty Queen's decision to Yield Eric and Danielle has repercussions.

The Beauty Queens Dustin Seltzer and Kandace Pelletier came in first last week, so they are first to depart this leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars. But their lead has not come without a price: their decision to Yield Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner has resulted in some serious bad blood. Eric and Danielle were not thrilled, obviously, but Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan are also glad to have another reason to tsk tsk at the Beauty Queens.

Eric and Danielle are second to depart; Charla and Mirna are third; and Oswald Mendez and Danny Jimenez are in last place. Danny and Oswald are a little financially challenged this leg; Danny’s solution to the Roadblock problem last leg was to essentially buy his way out of it, so they are running on a tight budget.

Everyone heads to the airport to find a flight departing Malaysia for Hong Kong. The teams scurry around the airport trying to arrange flights. The Beauty Queens and their Yield targets, Eric and Danielle wind up on the same elevator for a short, uncomfortable ride.

Despite the Beauty Queens’ original lead, Danny and Oswald and Charla and Mirna are able to get on the standby list for the first flight out by catching the airline employees in the office prior to their heading to the ticket booths. Charla and Mirna are thrilled to rub this in the faces of the Beauty Queens, and happily try to form an alliance with Eric and Danielle.

Danny and Oswald are the only team to get on the first flight out, so they give their first spot on the second flight’s standby list to Charla and Mirna, since the two have helped them in the past. This aggravates the Beauty Queens, and the two teams exchange words at the ticket counter. However, they are both able to get on the flight, leaving Eric and Danielle, once again, to try to find a later flight. Those two just cannot catch a break when it comes to air travel on The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Danny and Oswald land first, and find their first clue. It gives them a Fast Forward option, which they happily take. They travel to a movie stunt set, and get strapped into a stunt vehicle. The stunt coordinator ominously tells them he won’t let them know what the stunt actually is yet. Oswald worries he might soil his only pair of pants.

And with good reason, as the stunt is being driven around a stunt course at top speed, and then going into a controlled roll onto one side to end up hopping back upright at the last minute. It looks intense, but fun, and the two of them get through it okay. They are exhilarated to race to the Pit Stop (spending their last bit of cash on the toll road) to come in first. Phil also lets them know they have won a travel prize package so that they can return to Hong Kong at their leisure in the future.

Meanwhile, the other three teams have to complete a Detour. One is Kung Fu Fighting, where they must climb an eleven-story bamboo scaffolding while fending off Kung Fu fighters. The other choice is Lost in Translation, where the task is to try to match a sign in a busy street.

The Beauty Queens pick Kung Fu Fighting, while Charla and Mirna lose precious minutes as they are vacillate between tasks (they have concern whether Charla, as a little person, can climb the scaffolding), and eventually their taxi driver gets lost switching between destinations. This gives the Beauty Queens the chance to complete the Kung Fu task without much delay, then they head off to a ferry which takes them to their next challenge.

Charla and Mirna eventually settle on Kung Fu Fighting, and despite her small size Charla is able to get up the tall scaffolding okay. They also head off on a ferry – but unfortunately, it’s the wrong ferry. Or, actually, the right ferry in the wrong direction, so they have to make a round trip. This gives Eric and Danielle, who have just landed, some extra minutes to try to catch up.

The Beauty Queens are at the next task, a Roadblock. The task is to kick in doors to find a clue. They get through this pretty quickly, and race to the next little task – pulling a gnome on a toy boat across the pond. This completed, they head to the Pit Stop in second place.

Charla and Mirna get to the Roadblock, and Charla decides to do this challenge. She also gets through this challenge pretty well. They, too, head off to complete the boat challenge, and then to the Pit Stop, in third.

Eric and Danielle complete the Kung Fu challenge, then Eric kicks in the doors to complete the Roadblock. They get their gnome across in the boat, then finally make it to the Pit Stop, in last place. But no worries for the two – this is an non-elimination round.  So they live for another leg, but are marked for elimination.

So our Final Four will still be four for the next episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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