The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Episode Four Recap

Originally aired on Sunday, 03/11/2007

Episode Rating:  *** (3 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: Rob and Amber find that their ruthless ways are not enough in this leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars and cannot seem to break out of the back of the pack. Is this the end of their domination of the Race?

Episode Highlights:

  • Trouble at the Detour puts Rob and Amber behind and they find they can’t seem to catch a break and catch up.

  • Charla and Mirna continue their rather frazzled game play and a bald-faced misdirection by Amber at a key moment doesn’t help their mood one bit.

  • The two teams find themselves in a foot race to the finish.

Recap:  After a mandatory rest period, it’s time for the teams to get on the go again. Rob and Amber Mariano, who have dominated the first three legs of The Amazing Race: All-Stars, are first to depart. Their clue directs them to take a flight to Punta Arenas, Chile, where they are to track down a shipwreck.

They head to the airport, and after securing the earliest flight, arriving at 9:40 AM, they find some computers to research their shipwreck destination.

Hot on their heels are Uchenna and Joyce Agu, Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner, the Beauty Queens (Dustin Seltzer and Kandace Pelletier), and Oswald Mendez and Danny Jimenez, who all get on the same flight as Romber. Teri and Ian Pollack arrive and are told the earlier flight is closed. Through some wheedling and cajoling, Teri is able to land them a spot on the earlier flight.

No such luck for Team Guido (Joe Baldassere and Bill Bartek) and Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan, and they wind up on a flight that doesn’t arrive until 11:15 AM.

Arriving at their destination, the teams race to their next challenge: a Detour. They can “Navigate It” – use a compass to find a destination with their clue – or “Sign It” – assemble a sign of various destinations following a map. Uchenna and Joyce, the Beauty Queens and Romber opt for “Sign It,” while the other three teams from the flight all head to “Navigate It.”

They clearly picked the right challenge, as all three teams that select “Navigate It” finish quickly and speed to their next stop, a charter flight to Argentina.

Uchenna and Joyce and Romber are struggling with their signage. Uchenna and Joyce finally get the correct order and spelling and are off in fourth place. Romber, however, seems blocked and cannot get the correct sign. They and the Beauty Queens vacillate about leaving to complete the other task. The two teams make one last attempt to get the signs correct then leave together to complete the other one, knowing that the second flight is arriving.

As they head to “Navigate It,” they see Team Guido also arriving to complete the same task. Rob says he knows the destination, and leads Amber and the Beauty Queens off in another direction. Unfortunately: the wrong direction. This sets the teams back.

Meanwhile, Charla and Mirna make it to “Sign It,” where their usual dramatics are in full effect. One thing you can say about the two: they are consistent. They, too, give up on the task and head off to complete the other.

Oswald and Danny, Teri and Ian and Eric and Danielle all make it on the first charter flight out, while the other teams all pile onto the second. The first teams to arrive all depart in taxis to a beach to retrieve a clue. Unfortunately for Teri and Ian, they miss the clue box signifier and lose valuable time heading down the wrong path. They eventually figure it out and get back to the right area, but not before ceding the lead to Eric and Danielle and Oswald and Danny. They depart on a boat to Isla Redonda, the southernmost tip of South America. At the location, they are directed to complete a Roadblock at the post office on the island. One player has to sort through a bag of mail to find one of two letters addressed to the team. The letter, once found, must be read aloud to the other team mate, and then the pair will receive their next clue.

While Eric and Oswald get started on the Roadblock for their teams, the other charter plane arrives. Team Guido and Uchenna and Joyce grab taxis, leaving Romber and Charla and Mirna to call for another pair of cars. Romber gets a jump start, walking down the road to catch the first car that arrives, infuriating Charla and Mirna. However, another taxi was along right after, and so the duo is on their way as well.

Romber gets to the clue box area first, but they make the same mistake as Teri and Ian and take the wrong path instead of getting right to the clue box. Charla and Mirna arrive in time to see them, and make the mistake of trotting along after them as well. Romber realizes their error and turns around. The two teams run into each other on the path. Charla asks them if they found their clue and Amber says, “Got it!” Her misdirection gives them another few minutes on Charla and Mirna, but the two eventually realize they’ve been lied to.

Oswald and Danny complete their task first, get their clue to go to the Pit Stop and arrive at the mat in first place to win a vacation prize. Eric and Danielle are next, followed by Teri and Ian.

Meanwhile, it’s time for an uncomfortable confrontation on the dock, as there is a bottleneck of teams waiting for the ferry boat to the island. Only two can cross at a time, based on the numbered tag they selected upon arrival to the dock. Uchenna and Joyce, the Beauty Queens and Team Guido are all waiting on the dock when Romber arrives. They tell the other teams about their deception to Charla and Mirna. The Beauty Queens and Team Guido depart on the ferry, leaving Uchenna and Joyce on the dock with Romber when Charla and Mirna arrive. Mirna confronts Amber, asking her, “Why did you lie?” Amber plays it off, pretending she was talking to Rob. Uchenna and Joyce look on uncomfortably, since they know the truth of the story.

All right, while I don’t like Romber’s tactics much, I have to say I just find Mirna’s and Charla’s approach to how others play the game rather silly much of the time. They are quick to be offended at the slightest bit of opportunism on the part of the other teams, but their passing of David and Mary Conley in Leg Two proved they are not above taking advantage of a slow moment on the part of their “friends” in the game. And Mirna’s question to Amber is just absurd: Why did she lie? Because this is a reality contest, and they are Rob and Amber. Dishonesty and underhanded game playing on their part shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Righteous indignation at their sneakiness is pointless energy expenditure.

Back at the post office, Team Guido makes quick work of the task, and heads to the mat in fourth. Beauty Queens arrive in fifth, and Uchenna and Joyce get there in sixth.

Despite arriving on the ferry twenty minutes earlier than Charla and Mirna, Rob cannot seem to do right this leg, and he doesn’t complete the task until Charla and Mirna have already headed to the mat. The Romber domination has ended as they get to the mat in last place, and Phil informs them this is, unfortunately, an elimination round.

Unbelievable! From first place three times in a row to eliminated. That is quite a slide. I am sure the other teams will see it as Instant Karma for their dirty dealings, but honestly, I think I will miss the two. Without them as in the spotlight, who will the other teams focus on? We will have to see who emerges as the strongest duo next week!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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