'The Amazing Race 14' Wrap-Up: Tammy and Victor Win the Race
After eleven legs, nine countries, and thousand of miles with hype and drama peppered in between, The Amazing Race 14 has a winner--and it's sibling lawyers Tammy and Victor.  Some way to cap a season that, I still maintain, is a little tepid compared to previous ones.  These two have been pretty dominant most of the way, being that perfect mix of physical strength and strategy.  I can't complain about their victory, and I should say it's a well-deserved victory for a team who's run the race better than anybody else this time.
Coming in second are cheerleaders Cara and Jaime, who've been pretty lucky to get this far.  Luck's also been on their side this time, despite the odds being slightly against them, after their last-place start from Beijing.  In third are Margie and Luke, the mother-and-(deaf)-son team who've still defied expectations and have become the feel good story of the season--a rare one for the race.  Karma did catch up, but you can't really feel that bad about them.

Quick thoughts aside though, that wraps up the 14th season of the race.  Time to suit up for the 15th, then, expected to hit us in the fall.  We'll still continue with the coverage over the next few days, when we talk with the final three teams, but we've got a handful of links below, just as a means to look back on the race that was.  Here's for another round, then.

The Running Order

First Place: Tammy and Victor (Siblings)
The Harvard Law grads bickered initially, but got over their differences and outpaced the rest in every aspect, ultimately winning the million-dollar prize.
Second Place: Cara and Jaime (Former Cheerleaders)
Nice on the outside, but nasty as stress set in, the cheerleaders never came first, but was lucky to have gotten this far.
Third Place: Margie and Luke (Mother/Son)
The feel-good story of the season defied expectations, but settled for third after taking too long in the last Roadblock in Hawaii.
Fourth Place: Kisha and Jen (Sisters)
Having kept up with the competition - and the feuding - quite often, the team lost narrowly after a badly-timed bathroom break.

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Fifth Place: Mark and Michael (Brothers)
A streak of bad decisions and hours of time penalties in their last legs cost them the win; a non-elimination leg couldn't save them.

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Sixth Place: Mike and Mel (Father/Son)
Perhaps one of the race's most loved teams, they were eliminated after going the opposite way in search of a Detour in Phuket.

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Seventh Place: Christie and Jodi (Flight Attendants)
Despite playing up their experiences in the travel industry, the team still made many crucial mistakes. A non-elimination leg saved them, but the delay didn't.

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Eighth Place: Amanda and Kris (Dating)
They could've dominated the race, but Margie and Luke got ahead of them and slapped them with a (blind) U-Turn in Russia.

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Ninth Place: Brad and Victoria (Married)
A gamble at the airport proved costly for the team; the flight got so delayed, they were miles away from the rest of the teams, and were quickly eliminated.
Tenth Place: Linda and Steve (Married)
The team got eliminated after Linda got lost going down a Roadblock in Germany, but were supportive of each other all along.

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Eleventh Place: Jennifer and Preston (Dating)
The almost-opposites dating couple bickered more than was convenient for them, and it got them eliminated on the first leg.

Episode Recaps

Episode 1: "Don't Let A Cheese Hit Me!"
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Episode 4: "It Was Like A Caravan of Idiots"
Episode 5: "She's A Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK!"
Episode 6: "Alright Guys, We're At War!"
Episode 7: "Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???"
Episode 8: "Rooting Around In People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant"
Episode 9: "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves To Death"
Episode 10: "Having A Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This"
Episode 11: "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper"
Finale: "This Is How You Lose A Million Dollars"

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-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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