The Amazing Race 14: Season Premiere, Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race 14 premieres tonight, soon, about a half hour away as I write this, and its continued presence on network television is something we can all be happy about.  Never one to receive big-time ratings, The Amazing Race has nonetheless remained a feather in CBS's cap, the rare reality series to garner almost universal praise from critics.  Every year since the Emmy's began giving out an award for best reality series, The Amazing Race has won it.  The show is expertly produced, not an easy task given the challenges of filming eleven teams as they travel the world.  The fourteenth edition of The Amazing Race boasts an intriguing cast, filled with good-looking people and a disproportianate number of sibings and family members.  I, Oscar Dahl, have once again been given the honor of covering The Amazing Race, and will attempt to do so in the least annoying way possible for the next few months.  Open a bottle of wine, take off those uncomfortable pants, and join me for these live thoughts.  It'll be fun, I promise. 

No Andy Rooney today, folks.  Yes, it's disappointing.  I'm sorry. 

And, the season begins.  The new batch of teams are being dropped of by US Marine Corps helicopters.  Seems Unnecessary.  We are introduced to the teams:

Kristi and Jodie, two hot blond flight attendants.

The two Asian Law School grads, siblings.

Mother and son, the son is deaf.

Steve and Linda, the new David and Mary.  Long-time married couple from the South.

Keesha and Jen, sisters and former college athletes.  Could be a force. 

Preston and Jennifer, dating couple.

Brad and Victoria, the "bad ass older couple," married nine years.

Mel and Mike White, father-son, both of whom are gay.  Mike White has written a number of movies.

Amanda and Kris, model-looking dating couple.

Mark and Michael, dwarf brothers who work as stunt doubles for kids.

I missed their names, but wow - two really hot redheads who used to be NFL cheerleaders.

Phil announces, I think, that each of the eight pit stops are elimination points.  I'm not opposed to that.  The teams leave the Southern Californian military base, receive their first clue - they have to get in their cars and go to the airport.  Their heading to Switzerland.  Mike White is pumped.  They all drive really nice cars.  I don't hate anyone yet.

Hey - it's a new opening to the show.  New graphics!  A new font! 

The teams arrive at LAX.  The teams have to flgihts they can choose from.  They have to get to Switzerland, and then take the train to Locarno.  They either fly into Milan or Zurich.  Tammy and Victor, Kristi and Jodie, Jaime Cand Kara, Brad and Victoria and the mother-son team, choose to the Zurich flight. 

The Air France flight to Milan has the sisters, the Whites, Amanda and Kris, Preston and Jennifer and the Southerners. 

The train station in Zurich is actually in the airport.  That's easy.  The teams have landed already – not much airport time.  Preston and Jennifer miss their train.  Switzerland, by the way, is beautiful.  Brad chokes up watching the scenery.  I'm already annoyed by Tammy and Victor.  The team arrive at their first Roadblock, and it's a doozy.