The Amazing Race 14: Previewing Episode 11 "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper"
I wonder how that feels.  That one team who's just racing slightly under the radar, slowly reaping the rewards of their efforts, making that taxi ride (or stride or flight or whatever) to the pit stop knowing that, finally, they're taking first place in a leg.  They might be thinking, "I don't care if I lose The Amazing Race, but at least I was in first place at one point."  They get to the mat, too exhilarated to notice that nobody's there to greet them but Phil Keoghan, who breaks them the news.

"The race is still on.  Take your next clue."

Phil Keoghan, human route marker!

So Cara and Jaime suddenly had to wipe that unusually high look on their face, replace it with a mix of shock and game-on, take the clue, and run.  No, no rest tonight, ladies.  So much for floating across Beijing, feeling incredibly happy about things that have just happened.  Then again, floating in the capital city of China after swimming 800 meters--and, for one half of the team, an excruciatingly relaxing foot massage--is already a feat.  Heee.

But suddenly, it dawns on you: the cheerleaders who have been pretty nice, pretty quiet and pretty underwhelming story-wise--not to mention, err, pretty--suddenly have a chance of winning the race.  Are the producers going to set this up as an upset?  That bickering dragged down the athletes Kisha and Jen (also dragged down by, of all things, water) and the otherwise adorable mother-son pair Margie and Luke?  That somewhere along the way, the Chinese know-how of lawyers Tammy and Victor will fail them?  That, for some reason, the cheerleaders will breeze through the next leg and a half and win the entire thing?

I can't remember this happening before--but, then again, I skipped a few seasons.  But this'd feel like a rushed cherry on a season that felt a little tired, or something.

On Sunday night's episode, which airs from 8pm on CBS, the teams will have to eat scorpions and, as inferred by the episode title, look like Alice Cooper--how, again?--while doing a task.  But the most important thing tonight could be the U-Turn, and that will throw everybody off the grid.  I'm guessing it isn't a Blind U-Turn like last time--the one that befell the team that could have dominated this race, Amanda and Kris--and, if you count the still bleeping annoying feud between Luke and Jen, well, this could sound like revenge.  And judging from what CBS is letting us know, it's going to be much, much nastier than you'd anticipate.

Rushed cherry on the top?  Hello, The Amazing Race.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)