The Amazing Race 13: Episode 5 Predictions
The Amazing Race 13 is heading to Asia in its fifth episode.  The Far East is a place where few Americans ever travel.  We, as a country, are not the traveling sorts.  Few of us own passports.  When we do travel internationally, if it's not a simple border crossing either North or South, we tend to head to Europe or Australia or a Caribbean island.  Asia is a rarely visited location, and it therefore still has that exotic unknown quality to it.  If you ask a random person what Cambodia has to offer (or even where it can be found on a map) that person will likely be totally befuddled.  This is why The Amazing Race is such a great show – it transports us, in an entertaining way, to places most of us are never likely to visit.  The Amazing Race teams will arrive in Cambodia on Sunday, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what that rarely discussed country holds. 

Ken and Tina Will Show a Chink in the Armor

It's about time Ken and Tina showed some flaws.  Tina is a little spark plug. I didn't think I'd like Tina much after the first couple episodes this season, but I've come to really enjoy her presence.  That being said, she's prone to bouts of rage, it seems, and she will go off on Ken at some point.  I don't wish this to happen, mind you, but I feel like it's inevitable.  The long days of plane travel have to catch up to the middle-aged couple sometime.  The road to Cambodia seems a nice place for it.  I expect Ken and Tina to finish in the middle of the pack this Sunday. 

Toni Will Have a Physical Breakdown

Toni has been impressive in her mental toughness.  Her physical strength is low, and she's been helped through by her strapping son Dallas.  Unfortunately, the rigors of the race are going to eventually catch up to Toni.  She's been pushed hard by her son.  Traveling is hard on everybody – a middle-aged woman in questionable shape is going to break down at some point.  On Sunday, Toni will have a tough go of it.  She and Dallas won't be eliminated, but they'll come close. 

Andrew and Dan Will Be Eliminated

I want Team Superbad to impress me.  They have failed time and time again to do so.  They do nothing especially well, and the time is ripe for their elimination.  They aren't great thinkers, and I foresee an epic blunder in their future.  Maybe it's just a hunch, but it seems like their time to receive some bad news from my man Phil.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)