The Amazing Race 13: Episode 2, Live Thoughts
The National Football League is once again wreaking havoc upon fans of The Amazing Race, especially those who have no interest in America's new pastime.  The game between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers has delayed the broadcast of tonight's brand new episode of The Amazing Race 13, in which there is now a serious lack of beekeeping hippies.  So goes the cruel hand of Amazing Race fate.  Nonetheless, The Amazing Race live thoughts will get underway at roughly 830pm ET/530pm PT, if that's something you might be interested in.  It's a whole barrel of fun, really. 

Andy Rooney, ye old codger, talks about how stupid he is.  Really.  Why does Andy Rooney thinks he's so dumb?  Because he invests in the stock market.  Then he goes off on a rant about how he doesn't understand any of the recent economic problems.  He says that there's an argument to be made for keeping your money under your pillow.  Which is exactly the way a lot of crazy old people think.

I love the random images in the main credits.  Aja and Ty going down the slides? 

Sarah goes and cries to Terence at the pit stop, because Terence got mad at her for speaking with other teams.  Terence doesn't seem to understand what he's done wrong. 

The teams are heading to Fortaleza, Brazil via plane.  After they land, they must find a little village. 

Nick and Starr, Ken and Tina leave first. 

Terence nails his head on the taxi door and acts like a total diva afterwards.

There's a 645am flight, but there's only one seat.  The first two teams get on standby.  It looks like the next flight is 11am.  The 645 am switches to a larger plane, so the first four teams get on the flight.  Terence and Sarah, plus Mark and Bill make it. 

The final teams are heading out – Anthony and Stephanie will get married if they win the race.  They're not financially stable now.  Marisa and Brooke have been taken by surprise by the difficulty of the race. 

Tina makes a point of telling everyone that she got the flight to switch to a bigger plane.  Everyone is on the same plane.  Talk about a freaking bottleneck.

Terence and Tina get into it in the line for the plane, and Ken joins in.  Terence is a little punk. 

Terence and Ken make up, Ken kissing Terence on the cheek. 

Kambuca is the village the teams are taxiing to. 

Terence and Sarah get into a taxi first. 

Anthony and Stephanie decide to get into a cab that's not working.  They're in last place, Ken and Tina are in ninth.  Terence and Sarah arrive inthe village first.  The clue tells them to find a dune buggy on the beach that will take them to a stand down the beach. 

Anthony and Stephanie are gaining some perspective while passing the slums of Brazil. 

Aja and Ty can't find the clue, neither can Superbad, and both lose time. 

Terence and Sarah are first to reach the detour.  Beach it or Dock it.

In Beach it, the teams must drag a 440 pound sailboat using ancient methods some ways into an inlet.  In Dock it, teams have to go to a shipping yard, search a computer database for a specific code, and then find the correct storage container.

Mark and Bill are the only team to do Dock It so far.  On, no – Marisa and Brooke decide to do it too.  But – they tell their driver to go the wrong way, towards Beach It instead.  They decide to do Beach It instead. 

Terence yells at Sarah for being tired, saying she shouldn't do push-ups in the morning anymore.  Starr has the genius idea of giving her crew members kisses during the competition. 

Mark and Bill are doing as well as they can, but it's a needle in a haystack.  Terence and Sarah finish the Beach It first – they are supposed to go up to a taxi stand and go to a park.  Terence and Sarah do not go the correct way.  Nick and Starr go correctly. 

Ken and Tina scuffle a little bit.  Kelly and Christy think they have to find a container in beach it – it actually pertains to the other detour.  They dig fruitlessly.

Terence and Sarah can't find a cab to save their lives.  They are both irate.

Toni and Dallas finally stop in their cab, and tell them where to find the cabs.  Kelly and Christy finally decide to go to the taxi.  Aja and Ty surpass Marisa and Brooke.  Marisa and Brooke finally finish Beach It, as do Anthony and Stephanie.  Terence and Sarah arrive at the taxis right before Anthony and Stephanie. 

Mark and Bill arrive first at the Road Block.  The Road Block consists of looking at a 600 foot wall full of graffiti and advertisements and figuring out where their next destination is.  Mark does the right thing, writing down every single thing that looks like a destination and asking the pager guy where to go.

Mark and Bill get it right.  They must head to Cidade De Crianca, which is the next pit stop. 

Ken and Tina, unfortunately, have a better taxi driver and they pass the nerds.  Kelly and Christy, at the Road Block, forget to tell their taxi to wait.  It drives away. 

Ken and Tina are team number one.  They each win an off-road vehicle.  Mark and Bill are team number two.

A ton of teams are together at the wall.  Kelly and Christy finish, but they have no taxi.  They are passed by a lot of teams.  Nick and Starr were in third place, but are now in trouble.  They remain at the Road Block, along with Anthony/Stephanie, Marisa/Brooke and Kelly and Christy, who are trying to flag down a cab.

Nick and Stephanie and Andrew cannot figure it out.  They're not even close. 

Terence and Sarah, Aja and Ty and Toni and Dallas are teams number 3, 4, and 5. 

Nick finally figures it out.  He kind of throws Andrew under the bus.  Kelly and Christy finally realizes that their taxi was their the whole time.  They leave.  Andrew figures it out.  The Brooke.

Nick and Starr are team number 6.  Kelly and Christy are team number 7.  Andrew and Dan are team number 8.  Marisa and Brooke are team number 9.  Which means...

Anthony and Stephanie are the last team to arrive, and they have been eliminated.  They are positive about the experience. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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