The Amazing Race 12: Top 8 Power Rankings, 8-5
Some would argue that the use for ranking teams on The Amazing Race is minimal, that since they are already “ranked” weekly by what place they finished their last leg in, no more ranking is necessary.  Poppycock!  While logic might dictate that you're only as good as your last performance, there are events on The Amazing Race that are out of the teams' control (dry camels) and I think coming up with a realistic hierarchy of teams and their chance at winning the entire Race is more than doable.  Let's get on with it, then.

#8 - Ronald and Christina

Ronald is at least somewhat self-aware of being a jerk.  That doesn't, however, make up for him being a huge jerk.  It actually makes it worse.  Some people don't realize they're being awful, and it's therefore somewhat forgivable.  But, what does it say about a person who knows he's being mean to his daughter, has been for years, yet does little about it?  I can't see Ronald, with his hernia and bad attitude making it to much further in the Race, especially if Christina continues to accept the verbal lashings.

#7 - Nicolas and Donald

The physical toll has to already be wearing on both Donald and Nicolas; Donald because he's old and Nicolas because he caries most of Donald's stuff.  They haven;t shown me much to inspire great confidence in them. 

#6 - Shana and Jennifer

They work hard.  They're determined. I just don;t think they're all that intelligent.  I wasn't a fan of their “the locals smell bad” conversation last episode, and may indicate a crippling lack of open-mindedness that could hinder them in later episodes.

#5 - Jennifer and Nathan

They've finished near the top in the last two legs, but have kept on yelling at each other.  We've had a lot of bad couples on The Amazing Race, but the venom exchanged between these two is near the worst.  This is going to hurt them at some point, whether one of them gets fed up and quits on the other or one of them suffers a mental breakdown.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)