The Amazing Race 12: Top 5 Power Rankings
Oh, non-elimination legs, how you toy with us Amazing Race fans.  Doesn't it always seem curious that the fan favorites get bailed out on these pointless legs, like Kynt and Vyxsin last week, or like David and Mary (twice)?  Not that I'm complaining – I'll take as much of The Amazing Race as I can get, but if I was another team it wouldn't sit right with me.  Nonetheless, I like the sound of this new Speed Bump twist, in which the last place team after a non-elimination leg has to perform a task that no one else has to.  It's better that the doing-the-leg-with-no-money thing, or the have-to-finish-in-first-or-they're-eliminated thing.   These rankings, at this point, are fairly difficult because all five remaining teams have shown a significant racing prowess. 

#5 – Nicolas and Donald

This was a slam dunk for last place.  They needed to use the fast forward last leg and Donald looks like he's running on fumes.  There's no shame in that – he's not a young man.  Nicolas has to be exhausted as well, seeing as he's incurred a larger physical toll than anyone else.  Their pure guile could advance them to the final leg, but I don't think they have enough in the tank to win it.

#4 – Ronald and Christina

The relationship has grown stronger, but I still hate the way Ronald talks at his daughter.  It's uncomfortable to watch, and despite his seeming self-awareness, it's hard to fathom a father being OK with the ugly way he treats his daughter.  Also, I wish Christina would speak up for herself more than she does.  They're solid racers, but Ronald has to start breaking down soon, doesn't he?

#3 – Kynt and Vyxsin

They'd be higher if the ranking were based on effort and determination.  But, the goths have been having a hard time following directions lately.  They simply get lost too often to be a real contender down the stretch.  Perhaps these were random occurrences and they'll put it together on the final legs.  I wouldn't be surprised if any of these top three teams won the Race.

#2 – Jennifer and Nathan 

I'm of two minds here.  On one hand, Jen and Nate get into awful, ugly arguments and look like two people who should never, ever be together.  But then again, maybe they are just two extreme competitors and all the arguments come from the heat of battle and, once the legs end, they can quickly make up.  Going back to Eric and Danielle, there might be something about dysfunctional relationships conducive to competing on The Amazing Race.  If you get on each other's nerves, you don't want to disappoint the other and maybe you just compete that much harder.  However, if they self-destruct at some point, that wouldn't be a surprise either.

#1 – TK and Rachel 

If they can survive the nightmare of the last leg without coming in last place,they can do anything.  Their relationship is the most functional, healthy and the couple is so laid back that nothing will phase them.  Also, they're likable, so I want them to win.  Call me biased, I don't care.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)