The Amazing Race 12: Rooting Interests - The Good
Is it virtuous to be loyal to reality show contestants and teams?  I find that, as I get older and more crotchety (though, I'm still neither old nor crotchety, just relatively so), my loyalty towards contestants has waned.  I no longer pick my favorites at the beginning of a season; instead, those I root for fluctuate wildly on a week to week basis.  I suppose that if I really like somebody after a few episodes, then I generally stick with them, but those teams on the fringes, the slightest thing can sway me either way.  Point being, yesterday I wrote an article about the teams from The Amazing Race 12 who, after only one episode, I decided to root against.  The utility of that article is not in its predictive powers or insight, but as a benchmark I can look back on in a few months to see how wrong I was.  Today, we'll look at who I'm currently rooting for on The Amazing Race 12.   

The Good

The “Hot Sisters” Division - Marianna and Julia

Isn't it just enough that Julia is pronounced “Hoo-lia?”  I've always had a thing for soft J's.  Though we didn't get much out of the sisters in episode one, I'll be rooting for them in the interim.  There are two reasons: 1) They are attractive and, 2) I predicted them to win in my Completely Meaningless and Arbitrary Pre-Season Predictions, but they're on the fringes and the slightest thing can sway me either way.  Unfortunately, what we did see of the sisters in episode 1 wasn't very encouraging.  Show me something, ladies!

The “Inappropriate Old Guy” Division - Nicolas and Donald

Nicolas, describing his grandpa, says that he loves him because he cusses and says inappropriate things about girls.  I'm sold.  Who doesn't want a goofy old man speaking his mind, tact be damned?  If there ever was a team with an older person in it that could go really far in the game, it could be these two.  Nicolas, a pilot, seems able and Donald appears spry for his age. 

The “Fake Hippie” Division - TK and Rachel

Stop toying with me, ABC.  I thought we were going to get another full-blown hippie team with TK and Rachel.  Thankfully, they are not hippies.  TK does speak with the cadence of a laser show attendee, but that doesn't make him a hippie.  Rachel looks pretty adorable and the two get along better than any other couple on the show thus far (although this isn't saying much).   

The “Too Ridiculous Not to Like” Division - Kate and Pat

These two are a custom made Amazing Race team.  It's like the CBS executives were brainstorming the craziest possible teams to put on The Amazing Race and one guy said, “How about this: we find an older lesbian couple...who are both Episcopalian Deacons!”  We didn't spend much time with them last episode, but for now, I'm on board.   

The “Squeaky Clean Siblings” Division - Azaria and Hendekea

I have a soft spot for sibling teams, and these two ran a great first leg.  I fear, however, that their happy, “let's go!” attitude might wear on me as the season continues.  If they stay happy the whole time, it will make me sick.  Travel is stressful and you should fight with the person you travel with.  For now, I like them, but I'm offering a prediction – they will not be on the “good” list in a couple weeks.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)