The Amazing Race 12: Episode 6 Live Thoughts
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Time for another leg of The Amazing Race.  I'll be here all night to provide live commentary on tonight's episode.

Hippies TK and Rachel thank Travelocity for their helpful product placement.  They leave at 1am, which is always a sign that we're in for a massive bunch.  Teams are flying to Croatia.

Ronald is excited.  Really, who's happy to go to Croatia?  Especially if you're going to bury your father (only people who still watch ER will get that reference).

One of Hendekea's best friends is Bosnian, so she knows how to say "There's a party in my pants" in Croatian.  I so want to hang out with her friends.

Teams go to Internet cafes, as always.  Ronald and Christina reserve tickets for Polish Air that gets in at 11:20am.  The other teams settle on Czech Air.  R/C help out Azaria and Hendekea.

Kynt and Vyxsin also walk to the beat of their own drummer searching elsewhere for tickets.  Everyone else follows suit, proving that they're twice as sheep-like as previously believed.

A/H have a bit of a skirmish because they're constantly second guessing themselves.  Their fights are more civil than most, but it's still a bit disappointing to see these people who have done so well start to crack.

A/H go to check-in and discover they've been given business class tickets, which is a no-no.  They rush to get them switched, but fail.

There are two flights both arriving in Croatia at 11:20am.  Everyone except A/H are on these flights.  They get a new flight, but their attendant tells them the good news: the team through Prague is running late, so they miss their connection!

The Warsaw flight with Jennifer and Nathan, the Goths and R/C all make it on time.  They get the Roadblock and must dig through 150 stones, only 8 of which fit into a wall.

Ronald finishes it quick, and they're in first.  Next teams must ride a tandem zipline.  It looks hella fun.  The Detour is immediately after.  Task one is to repel down, go through a path, then use a rope ladder to climb up a wall, then go through the town to find a plaza.  Task two: zipline, swim to a boat, and paddle to the plaza.  Basically, they both involve a whole lot of stuff to do.

R/C take the boat, and Ronald has trouble figuring out how to row a boat.  Jennifer and Nathan take the same route.  Nathan doesn't know how to row a boat, and he immediately starts yelling at Jennifer.

Christina is happy she and her dad are doing it together.  Nathan and Jennifer are in another big fight, and given that they both have oars, I'm willing to bet if it weren't for cameras, someone would be getting an oar upside the head.  They talk about hating each other and their relationship is probably over.

The Goths take the other Detour, and Vyxsin's dad has a military background, so repelling is nothing new to her.She has to talk Kynt down, and once again, we see who wears the pants in that family.

J/N and R/C get to the plaza and are told to go to the Pit Stop.  Wow, those other flights must be far behind because these three teams are gonna finish the leg before anyone else is even in Croatia.  A taxi won't take Jennifer because she's wet from the boat, but R/C steal their cab!  Jennifer cries about how unfair it is and how their relationship sucks.

Finally, at 2:40pm, TK and Rachel arrive in Croatia.
Ronald and Christina are team number 1.   Jennifer and Nathan  are the second team to arrive, but they took an illegal form of transportation from the Detour to the Pit Stop (they paid some dude to drive them rather than take a taxi as instructed).  Ha, the Race keeps crapping on them.

The Goths sneak into second place, while J/N finish in third place.

Nicolas and Donald, A/H both arrive in Croatia.  Interestingly, we don't get times for when they arrive, I'm guessing so the editors can pretend to make it look closer than it really is.

TK and Rachel get to the Pit Stop as team number four.  As Nicolas and Donald do the zipline, they spy A/H, just starting the Roadblock.

For the Detour, both the final two teams do the rowboat.  Azaria does a good job, but they're too far behind Nicolas and Donald.

Nic and Don struggle to find a taxi, but eventually find one.  A/H get in a taxi.  Damnit, even though I complained that I knew they were manipulating the editing, it still gets me every time, because I think it's close when it's not.

Nic and Don are team number five.

A/H are the last team to arrive.  NO, IT'S ELIMINATION!  Azaria and Hendekea ruled every leg, and just because some stupid ticket agent gave them business instead of economy, they lose.  Sometimes I hate this race.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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