The Amazing Race 12: Episode 8 Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In the grand tradition of The Amazing Race, despite not watching the last episode, it doesn't really matter. It was a non-elimination leg, and since everyone starts this episode in the middle of the night, they go to the airport and get bunched up. So the Fast Forward Nicolas and Donald took, getting tattoos, is completely useless, a permanent reminder of the maddeningly annoying way the Race is planned.

The five teams head to Mombai, India on several different flights. Again, none of that matters, because when they arrive in the middle of the night, the first task in India is to find a clue in a newspaper, but the stand doesn't open until 6am. All the teams struggle to read through the newspaper and find a clue.

The Detour is between pasting a Bollywood poster to a wall and stringing together a wedding garland. Nic and Don and Ronald and Christina go for the poster, while TK and Rachel go for the garland (of course the Hippies would go for the flower power task). Kynt and Vyxsin arrive, but are given their Speed Bump, which involves going to some outdoor garden to perform some yoga poses. Downward Facing Goth. Kynt is happy to see how flexible his lady is. I'm aghast by how sickly pale Kynt is. They finish and go for the flower detour.

Jennifer and Nathan go for the flowers and are back to sniping at each other. He's offended she can't sew, and she brings up that he couldn't row a boat. Together, they set gender relations back about 40 years. Less entertaining is the continued battle of wills between Ronald and Christina. As always, she's right, and he's stubborn.

Nic and Don are first to finish, and ahead is the second U-Turn of the Race. Since this is the last one, there's absolutely no downside to using it. TK and Rachel, however, don't use it because they don't want to make enemies. Um, with only five teams left, it's not like anyone is going to be helping others. Ronald and Christina briefly consider using it, but aren't sure who's behind them.

The Roadblock involves delivering propane gas tanks on bike. Hank Hill would be proud. Nicolas, TK and Ronald take the task. Someone brings up Ronald's hernia, which means take a shot (best TAR drinking game ever). Too bad for everyone, the deliveries are on the fifth or third floors, and Nicolas is sweating like a prostitute in church.

The last two teams finish their garlands and move on. Kynt and Vyxsin arrive at the U-Turn first, and decide to use it. It's a brilliant idea, and I'm prepared to be positive about them for the first time. But they choose to U-Turn...Nicolas and Donald! Ha! So useless and silly, and when Nathan and Jennifer arrive, they're confused, but relieved that it's not their photo.

Kynt and Jennifer take the Roadblock. Wow, the two weaker members of their teams are doing this task that forced young, strapping Nicolas into heat exhaustion, pulling the taxi over to puke on the side of the road. Jennifer is upset as always because she's having difficulty taking things up elevators and getting receipts, yet still she finishes before Kynt, despite arriving later. However, Jennifer and Nathan are arguing yet again. After completing the Roadblock, the teams go to a fort for the next Pit Stop.

First Place: TK and Rachel
Good for these Hippies, who've had some difficulties in recent legs. They could be the only team left that isn't objectionable in any way. They've the kind of people you'd love to share a bong with.

Second Place: Nicolas and Donald
The second least objectionable team, good for them. It would be nice to see an old man win this thing for once.

Third Place: Ronald and Christina
Another old person in the final four, I'm impressed. If only the teams could switch it up, allowing Christina and Nicolas to team up and kick butt.

Fourth Place: Jennifer and Nathan
They hate each other so much, it's truly amazing they keep staying in this thing.

Last Place: Kynt and Vyxsin
Aw, time for all the Goth lovers to yell and scream. But really, they're the ones to blame, because if they'd U-Turned Nathan and Jennifer, they'd still be in it.

On the next episode of The Amazing Race 12: Donald appears to completely break down, and TK and Rachel go missing.  They probably just got a case of the munchies and went in search of the nearest White Castle.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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