The Amazing Race 12: Episode 7 Recap
The Amazing Race traveled to Italy tonight, and it was one of those episodes that makes every fiber of my being want to compete on that show (you listening, CBS casting people?).  Teams got to fly in a small plane over Tuscany, take a ferry across the Mediterranean, get a tattoo and they all ended up at one of the most beautiful places ever – the Boboli Gardens.  Tonight was one of those dreaded non-elimination legs, so no one went home, but it was a fun episode nonetheless.

Leg 7 – Dubrovnik, Croatia > Split, Croatia > Ancona, Italy > Vinci, Italy > Florence, Italy

Teams set out late at night from Dubrovnik and were told to take a bus to Split, Croatia and then catch a ferry across the Mediterranean to Ancona, Italy.  From Ancona, the teams were given vehicles (with stick shifts) and told to drive to an air strip in the city of Empoli, Italy.  At the air strip, the teams encountered a Road Block.  One member of each team were taken up in the air in a small plane and were told to look on the ground below, where somewhere there next destination was written (“Vinci”).  Once they spotted it, the teams told the pilots the name of the city, who gave the team member the next clue.  Also at the road block, teams had the option of doing a Fast Forward.  The Fast Forward made the team head to a studio to undergo an old seafaring tradition.  Upon arrival, the teams find that the tradition is getting a tattoo.  After completing the plane road block, teams drove to the town of Vinci, where they had to perform a Detour – Invention or Tradition.  In invention, teams had to use parts they were given to create a small crane. In tradition, teams had to learn a special flag routine.  After completing the detour, teams left for the pit stop – the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

1st Place – Nicolas and Donald

Nicolas and Donald in the back of the pack and decided to go do the Fast Forward.  Nicolas was totally game to get the tattoo (the initials FF, for fast forward), but Donald was a little bit reluctant.  You have to give it up for the old guy, though.  He went through with it and, as a result, the team won the leg after heading straight to the pit stop after their tattoos were finished. 

2nd Place – Jennifer and Nathan

After the melt down last episode, these two finally got along and had a very productive leg.  Maybe I've been too harsh on them – maybe they are just bad on little sleep and in highly stressful, competitive situations.  They seemed mostly well-adjusted this leg and ran through it smoothly. 

3rd Place – Ronald and Christina

There was more of Ron yelling at his daughter this episode, but they are a competent team nonetheless.  They don't make much in the way of mistakes, and generally breeze through the challenges easily. 

4th Place – TK and Rachel

These guys had a brutal leg.  First, on their way to Empoli, Rachel forgot their clue at a gas station.  They had to turn around and retrieve.  Then, after remarkably being the second ones to arrive at the air strip, TK was passed by everybody on the road block.  He just could not find the Vinci sign.  He finally did, and TK and Rachel dominated the crane detour, and passed Kynt and Vyxsin.  But, on their way into Florence, they popped a tire on their car.  TK replaced the flat quickly, and they managed to finish fourth.

5th Place – Kynt and Vyxsin

Kynt and Vyxsin finally got mad at each other.  It took a couple of days with no sleep, a broken car and a lot of getting lost.  They got over it and made up, but they definitely got on each other's last nerve.  Thankfully, for them, this was a non-elimination leg.  A new twist this season will be implemented next episode, in the form of a Speed Bump – a task will pop up on the next leg that only Kynt and Vyxsin have to accomplish.  Could be cool. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)