The Amazing Race 12: Episode 4 Recap
The Amazing Race 12 stayed in Africa tonight, eliminated a good team, and was perhaps one of the cheapest-to-produce episodes in series history.  I never like it when a leg takes place entirely in one country; it always feels insignificant.  The epic-ness of The Amazing Race is maybe the best aspect of the show, and it feels small when teams aren't forced to cover long distances.  Tonight's Amazing Race took place entirely in Burkina Faso, the same country in which most of last episode took place.  I feel short-changed. 

Leg 4: Bingo, Burkina Faso > Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The teams left in the morning from the village of Bingo, where they spent the night.  The first clue was to find a man in blue.  The man in blue gave them their next clue, and pointed the to a enclosed chicken coop, where each team had to catch a chicken and out in a bag.  Teams were required to keep the chicken on them for the entirety of the leg.  Teams followed a marked path to a village where the detour was given: Shake Your Booty or Shake You Pan.  Teams either had to perform a dance routine in front of villagers and judges (if the routine was deemed good enough, teams moved on to the next clue, if not, the teams were penalized ten minutes) or pan for gold in a muddy area.  Next, teams had the option of using a U-Turn on any team behind them in the race.  A U-Turn forces a team to turn around and perform the other detour task.  Once past the U-Turn, teams were told to catch a taxi to the Tampouy Goat Market.  There, one team member had to perform a Roadblock, which had them wrangle up a number of goods (including a live goat) and tie them to a bicycle.  They then had to ride the bicycle to a specified vendor.  Their next clue directed teams to the leg's pit stop: Hotel de Ville in Ouagadougou.

1st Place: Azaria and Hendekea

The brother sister team won yet again, and did so despite some intra-squad chippiness.  Azaria got mad at Hendekea a few times for not moving fast enough and once, especially, for using the bathroom in the middle of the leg.  However, it didn't matter, and they edged out Jen and Nate for the win. 

2nd Place: Jennifer and Nathan

They keep yelling at each other, but they keep performing extremely well.  This time, they missed out on first by a few feet.  Jennifer's attitude leaves a lot to be desired, but their performances are clearly no fluke.

3rd Place: Ronald and Christina

We didn't see much from the father/daughter team this week, but what we did see was more of Ronald being annoying.  They're doing a lot better than I expected the to, though.

4th Place: Nicolas and Donald 

Donald is a trooper, that's for sure.  I just think that, at some point, Donald is going to be forced to do a road block that he's unable to accomplish physically.  Hopefully that won't happen, but I see the physical toll on both team members becoming a real issue soon.

5th Place: Kynt and Vyxsin

Vyxsin showed her emotional side tonight, breaking down in the taxi after experiencing the harsh realities of small African villages.  The duos dance performance was the most impressive of the episode – I even enjoyed it, which was unexpected. 

6th Place: Shana and Jennifer

Shana and Jennifer's actions shaped the episode.  After finishing the detour, Shana convinced Jennifer that they should U-Turn Lorena and Jason.  If they hadn't done it, it's possible that Lorena and Jason would still be around.  You can't blame them for using it, even though it made them a target.

7th Place: TK and Rachel

Rachel got lost at the goat market, and it looked like it might be a close call at the end, but they finished easily ahead of Lorena and Jason.   

8th Place/Eliminated: Lorena and Jason 

They didn't have a chance after the blondes used the U-Turn on them.  They were already far behind in last place, and the U-Turn made sure that no matter what they did, they'd be going home.  It's unfortunate, because they only lost as a result of Lorena's dry camel last week.  We'll have an interview with them tomorrow. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of Reality TV Magazine)