The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Episode 5, "Can't We All Just Get Along?"
This is the 12th season of The Amazing Race. Most of the contestants have said they've watched the show. Yes, it's stressful. They're tired, hungry and haven't had their facials or manicures. But history has shown that the only couple to win after snarking at each other throughout the race was Zach and Flo. And that was because, even though she bitched and whined, she knew enough not to impede Zach in his solo quest for the win.

They are still at the point in the game, where it might benefit them to work with another team or two. I understand that some teams are so focused on the game that they can't be pleasant to the other teams. I don't think that's in their best interest yet. There are too many teams left and too many variables. It can be a long race if you're ugly to everyone. Or it can be a very short race.

Ask the blondes. Last night, they were unpleasant to everyone including each other. What's the big deal about seating on the plane? Why cause a ruckus over something that silly? Okay, you want to sit in the front ... and? If you get the front seats, then the other teams cannot, so why the secrecy? They will find out soon enough anyway.

Why create enemies for that? It gives you no strategic advantage, in fact it could work against you. I don't imagine those teams you just dissed like that will be too likely to assist you or even to answer your questions after that.

Nicolas also needs to learn that lesson. To tell a travel agent not to help the other teams, in front of the other teams, was stupid. It could have bitten him in the butt. When he was wandering aimlessly looking for that second clue at the road block, had he not been ugly, someone may have helped him. They went from first to last right there. Good thing there was another task before the pit stop.

And for goodness sake, why get an attitude and quit a task? I still can't believe that Shana refused to help her partner at that detour. All she had to do was count on her own and when Jennifer's answer was wrong, submit hers. Because she didn't get her way, she decided not to play at all. They deserved to lose after that.

To stand there making ugly faces while Jennifer counted incorrectly over and over wins Shana this dubious honor: Bonehead move of the week.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Writer and Forum Moderator
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