Survivor and The Amazing Race finale dates announced
CBS has just announced the season finale dates of their two big prime-time reality shows, The Amazing Race and SurvivorThe Amazing Race will air a one-hour finale on Sunday, May 6, featuring its final three remaining teams.  Survivor: Fiji will air its two hour season finale one week later, on Sunday the 13th.  Although this isn’t groundbreaking news, there are a couple of things we can surmise from this information.

First off, given the current schedule, we can see that on The Amazing Race, two of the remaining 5 episodes will be non-elimination legs.   We know this because every Amazing Race finale begins with three teams.  I like it that way, and I like the fact that we’ll be getting a few non-elimination legs coming up.  The five teams that are left on The Amazing Race (Charla and Mirna, Dustin and Kandice, Ozwald and Danny, Uchenna and Joyce, Eric and Danielle) make for an interesting and entertaining group.  I don’t mind them sticking around for a while.

For Survivor, it means that, again, the two-hour finale will begin with five players and the final tribal council will (probably) be between three different people.  Survivor first did this last season on Survivor: Cook Islands and apparently liked that system enough to try it again.  Having three people eligible to win the million certainly provides the possibility of interesting voting at the final tribal council, but it also makes it possible that two people could end up in a tie for the win.

How would they deal with a tie?  My guess is that they’d have a re-vote during the live finale just between the two contestants who tied, but you never know.  Just while we’re here, these are my predictions for The Amazing Race and Survivor this season:

For Survivor:  Yau-Man, Earl and Michelle will be the final three, with Yau-Man winning it all.

For The Amazing Race: Dustin and Kandice win it all, and rightfully so. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer