The Amazing Race 14: Episode 4 "It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots" Recap (Page 2/2)
Road Block – Bobsled

This is cool.  One member of each team has to finish a three-mile bobsled course in under four minutes, all the while trying to spot seven letters posted along the course.  Once finished, the player has to use those seven letters to form the name of a famous playwright (Chekhov). 

Kisha goes first, but only spots six letters.  Christie goes next, and remembers all the letters, but has no idea who the famous playwright is.  Lame. 

The final five teams have all decided to do the wood-stacking.  Mel and Mike watch as their stack falls, but they're soon joined by Amanda/Kris and Jaime/Cara, whose structures also fall.  Mel and Mike bail, head to the other challenge.  Mark and Michael are terribly lost, haven't even begun constructing their shutters.  Kisha sees the final letter, and gets to work on the name. 

Margie and Luke, now in third place, finish stacking wood.  Tammy and Victor are right behind.  Margie and Luke, those hardcore racers, decide to U-Turn Kris and Amanda.  That could totally screw those two.  Kisha and Jen, meanwhile, get lucky and assemble the letters correctly.  They are given the final clue – they cab it to a dance theater in the city, which is this leg's pit stop.   Mel and Mike join up with Mark and Michael on the shutter construction, and Kris and Amanda join them in the workshop. 

Christie and Jodi are team number one.
  They each win a motorcycle. 

Kisha and Jen are team number two.  Tammy and Victor are going to be team number three.  Margie and Luke are right behind them.  Luke doesn't know who Chekhov is.  Mel White dominates his shutter.  Luke is having an emotional breakdown on the word. 

The shutter people finally find the house that needs repairs where they have to install the shutters.  Jaime and Cara reach the bobsled.  Mike and Mel, then Mark and Michael head to the bobsled.

Tammy and Victor are team number three. 

Jaime and Cara guess Chekhov on the first try. 

Amanda and Kris see their U-Turn and are devastated – they head back to the log stacking.

Margie and Luke are team number four. 

Jaime and Cara are team number five. 

Kris and Amanda finish the wood in pretty good time, apparently.  They think that it was Jen and Kisha who U-Turned them.  Mel and Mike finish the bobsled challenge, head to the Pit Stop.  Mark and Michael finish quickly and head to the Pit Stop, leaving Kris and Amanda in last place. 

Mel and Mike are team number six. 

It's a race to the finish.  Mark and Michael don't have enough money to pay for the cab and don't know what to do.  They try to offer their watches and jackets, but eventually he just lets them go. 

Mark and Michael are team number seven. 

Amanda and Kris are team number eight and have been eliminated from the race.
  That's a damn shame.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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