Exclusive Interview: Kate and Pat, Contestants on 'The Amazing Race 12'
Exclusive Interview: Kate and Pat, Contestants on 'The Amazing Race 12'
Before season 12 of The Amazing Race began filming, BuddyTV got the chance to talk to the contestants, creator and host of the show to get their thoughts on what was to come. Check back all this week as we unveil our exclusive video interviews of the 11 brand new teams.

Kate and Pat may be the most controversial team on The Amazing Race 12. The two lesbian Episcopal priests, who have been married for three years, not only hope to do well on the Race, but above all else, hope to use this platform to change the hearts of The Amazing Race viewers by proclaiming a message of love and acceptance for all people groups. BuddyTV sat down with Kate and Pat for an intimate video interview at The Amazing Race Press Junket this summer where they shared about their relationship to one another, their faith, and what they hope to accomplish on this Race. Watch the full video interview below.


- Kate and Pat have been watching The Amazing Race since season 1 and always thought that they could be doing it too.

- Kate and Pat hope would like to emulate Uchenna and Joyce because they were winners and because they admire the way they played the game – you can play hard, with intensity, and still have integrity and not have to be mean spirited. They also admired the way Rob and Amber supported each other.

- They would love to have strong integrity, stay a team, and appreciate where they are at all times throughout the race.

- They feel that by doing this Race they will be in front of a world audience that will have a chance to hear a voice that they may not have heard before. As advocates of the love of all people, they want to proclaim the message of erasing hate of all people groups.

- They also want to change peoples preconceived ideas about what it means to be Christian, to be clergy, and to be lesbian.

- They hope that by the privilege of coming into peoples living rooms on national television, people will get to know them as people, and not issues, and hearts will change.

- When asked what their strategy is for this race, they replied, “Don't be last!”

- They would be angered by other teams that are mean spirited and not respectful of other cultures that they are visiting.

- When the going gets tough, they will remember ultimately that they love each other, and that alone will keep them going.

- Fans can expect to see a lot of bickering from this pair and a lot of laughs. They think they are pretty funny and hope that fans think they are funny too. They enjoy life and they enjoy each other, and if they can continue to do that on the Race, they will have fun and they will be fun to watch.

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-Interview conducted by Royce Yuen
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