No Regrets for Chad and Stephanie on 'The Amazing Race'
No Regrets for Chad and Stephanie on 'The Amazing Race'
We lost Chad and Stephanie at the end of the leg in Bangladesh, but it hasn't slowed their lives down one bit! According to, Chad and Stephanie are getting married and have a baby on the way! Here are their thoughts on their Amazing Race experience.

Congratulations on your engagement! Chad, how did you decide when to propose to Stephanie?
Chad: I knew I wanted to propose to Stephanie before we left for the race but didn't predetermine where, because I had no idea where we would end up. But, the second Stephanie stepped off the plane in Oman, she was in love with the atmosphere. When we woke up the next morning it was a breath-taking view and we had a few moments before we started racing, and I knew that would be the perfect moment.
Whose idea was it to try out for The Amazing Race?
Stephanie tried out for the race not long ago, with a girlfriend of hers that she competed with in Miss USA. 'TAR' still had her passport from when she tried out before and she was calling to retrieve it. She then spoke to a few casting directors that she had made friends with and told them about a few big changes that had been made in her life since the last time they had spoke. They were looking for a newly dating couple like us, so next thing we know we are gearing up for The Amazing Race!

What was your strategy going into the Race?
Stephanie: It's hard to have a strategy when you don't know where you are going and what you will be doing there. Chad and I, like in life, we try to take everyday one day at a time and one challenge at a time and try to give 100% all the way. At night after every leg, we would talk about everything that happened that day and what we could work on to make our team stronger. I think we grew tremendously throughout the race, whether America got to see that on camera or not.

What was your favorite experience and/or challenge on The Amazing Race?
Stephanie: My favorite experience was Oman, partially because that's where we got engaged, but the culture and people were so interesting!
Chad: My favorite by far was Sweden, I love snowboarding and the country was just amazing to see.

What do you think was your biggest stumbling block?
Communication was by far. But Stephanie and I alone with sports have always been our own worst enemies. We push ourselves to the limit and push each other too, it can be exhausting and sometimes harmful. But we both know we mean well.

What from the show are you most proud of? Any regrets?
Chad and I try very hard to have no regrets in life, it's so much easier to just forgive ourselves for any mistakes and move on by learning a lesson. I think we are most proud of how well we did, how far we have come in our relationship and how much we have accomplished at such a young age!

Anything you were surprised to see watching the show back?
Stephanie: I don't think anything really surprised us watching the show ... I think we did more laughing at each other than anything else!

How was being in The Amazing Race different from what you would expect watching it on TV?
Stephanie: When you're on the couch eating chips, watching the race, it looks so easy! Advice for future racers: train for a triathalon before the race ... and learn how to get along with your partner with no food or sleep! Good luck! Oh, and one more thing, you can never get to know someone by watching them on a reality show. :)

Did you have any favorite teams or teams you formed a friendship with while on the Race? Anyone you're rooting for?
It was surprising how well we all got along. We formed many relationships on the race, and it has com down to some strong teams. We wish them all the luck, we know we have all run a hard race.

(image courtesy of CBS)