Bad Luck in Li Jiang, China on 'The Amazing Race'
Bad Luck in Li Jiang, China on 'The Amazing Race'
Last week, Mel and Mike were eliminated in Tokyo. This week, teams will travel to Jade Dragon Mountain (that's a real place!) in China. Ze and Justin leave first, followed by Gary and Mallory and Ron and Christina. Ron and Christina speak Chinese, and have already been to Lijiang, China.

Kent and Vyxsin want to have a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) but have trouble finding, then unlocking their car. Their PMA is destroyed before they even reach the airport. Jaime and Cara do not remember China fondly, and Margie and Luke remember their troubles with Kisha and Jen. All the teams show up at Narita Airport, except for Kent and Vyxsin. Vyxsin has basically lost her mind. It's trouble in Italy all over again. But according to Kent, The Amazing Race is also about miracles.

Kent and Vyxsin book a flight later in the afternoon and hope they can catch up with the other teams in Kunming. Ron and Christina use their comfortability to their advantage and book a trip on the first train out. The rest of the teams, aside from Kent and Vyxsin, get on the second train out. Kent and Vyxsin check into a hotel, arriving in China too late to get anywhere, and Ron and Christina grab a snack.

Kent and Vyxsin get on a flight to Lijiang, almost forgetting Vyxsin's passport (aaauuuuughhh!) as the rest of the teams catch up with Ron and Christina on the marked shuttle bus. The teams arrive at the clue box, where they must ride a yak! Ride that yak, cowboys! I want them to stay forever, because everything they do is adorable.

After a surprisingly beautiful yak ride, teams must find their next clue in Spruce Meadow. The altitude makes everyone weary, and I have a feeling we'll hear the most about it from Ron. But everyone struggles with the altitude, then hits the Road Block to search for Chinese Zodiac charms. They have to find the charms and put them in the correct order. There's a boat load of charms.

I have to say I'm liking the Globetrotters more than I did in their original season. As the teams search for their charms, Vyxsin rides a yak. Mallory receives the clue first, and helps Luke (maybe hearing people can't help speaking loudly to deaf people when they're trying to help). Zev is struggling to find all the charms, and Jaime and Cara are having a better time in China than their last visit.

Zev gets more and more frustrated, even after finding his last charm. Kent and Vyxsin show up, but are unsure if they will receive a time penalty or not. Ron and Christina get on the wrong "bus" and hail the bus the Globetrotters are on. It was nice of the Globetrotters to ask the bus driver to stop.

In Old Town Lijiang, team members must write a wish and deposit it into the box of their sign. Next, they must choose "Hammer" or "Horn" for their Detour. The Globetrotters have trouble with their sign: "Gooooooaaaat," "Monkeeeeeeyyyy," "Rooooosterrrrrrr."

In "Hammer," the teams will pulverize a candy, and for "Horn," they must carry a cumbersome horn around. Most of the teams choose, Hammer, but a few choose Horn. Zev and Justin finally finish their challenge, and Vyxsin feels flustered. But at least Ron is complaining and wanting to stop for food everywhere.

The candy-hammering is ridiculous. It looks like a little cuckoo clock. Jaime and Cara take one look at the Horn and head for the hammers. Meanwhile, Vyxsin starts crying and is close to giving up. But she doesn't give up!

Once they're done hammering candy, teams will go to the Pit Stop at the Eternal Tower. Phil and the Eternal Tower are at the top of a big hill, and I'm sure that will be fun for everyone.Quit eating, Ron! Get it together! Gary and Mallory, Margie and Luke, and Jet and Cord race to the tower, with a breathless Margie and Luke coming in first. BUT THEY ARE STILL RACING! PHIL, THE THINGS YOU DO TO THESE PEOPLE!

Jet and Cord check in second, followed by Gary and Mallory, then Ron and Christina. Kisha and Jen check in fifth, followed by the Globetrotters, and Jaime and Cara. Zev and Justin and Kent and Vyxsin are just struggling to finish. Kent and Vyxsin need to go back to get their fanny pack that they left in the gondola! They have the worst luck on this leg! What a miserable time!

Then the Race is "To Be Continued ..."! And next week there's a double U-Turn?! AUGH!

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(image courtesy of CBS)