'The 100' Spoilers: Will They Reach Their Breaking Point?
'The 100' Spoilers: Will They Reach Their Breaking Point?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The 100 has increased its intensity each week since the series premiere and that doesn't stop in this week's "Contents Under Pressure." Both down on the ground and up on the Ark, tensions are high and lives are at risk. Will the cooler heads prevail? Or, will anger and guilt take control?

Spoiler alert: This article contains The 100 spoilers and clips.

I had the opportunity to see The 100 episode 7, "Contents Under Fire," during an early screening at Wondercon. By now, I shouldn't be surprised by how far the writers will go to present a real look at what this future would hold.

Yet, each week, I'm amazed by what I'm seeing unfold. These humans are pushed beyond their limits and forced to make tough choices every day. No matter how far they go, it feels authentic. I believe they would take the path they are on, regardless of how horrible or difficult it was for them.

In "Contents Under Pressure," characters are pushed in ways that are almost unimaginable. For every action that is morally repugnant and heartbreaking, there's another which will reaffirm your belief in humanity.

Check out the video sneak peeks, an exclusive photo and a few teases about the episode below:

Abby's Life is Spared

Abby's pardoned for her crimes because her benefit as a doctor is required on the Ark. She's more valuable them alive than dead. She believes the flares were a sign that the kids are still alive on Earth. Kane and Jaha aren't convinced.

Abby's alive, but she's been removed from the Council. As she hands over her pin, Raven gets through to the Ark. They know she's alive.

The Grounder is Captured

Bellamy captures the grounder that held (helped?) Octavia. He beat up the grounder and now wants answers about his people. Octavia tries to get Bellamy to stop and leave the grounder alone.

Finn's dying from the stab wound and Clarke needs her mother's help to save him. Communications between the ground and the Ark get up and running. Raven's message gets broadcast to the entire Ark, so they now know about the 100 sent to the ground.

With Finn near death, Bellamy will take matters into his own hands literally to get the truth out of the grounder. The decisions they are forced to make are devastating and heartbreaking.

An exclusive photo of Bellamy torturing the grounder for information: 

HU107b_0317b w.jpg
A few teases about "Contents Under Pressure":

  • Finn's condition provides an interesting framework for the love triangle to take a unique turn. This isn't your usual CW-catty-fight-over-a-man story being told.
  • The reaction to the culling is brutal, but leads to one of the best demonstrations of leadership on the series.
  • Clarke does something that you'd never expect her to do, but it's entirely believable when she does it.
  • The situation on the Ark gets more complicated than ever.
  • Octavia takes a heroic stand.
The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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