'The 100' Recap: Looking for Octavia
'The 100' Recap: Looking for Octavia
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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A search team goes looking for Octavia, and we get a peek into the secretive childhood she and Bellamy experienced. 

The 100 opened tonight with a flashback of Bellamy as a child, witnessing his mother giving birth, and several flashbacks from his childhood are littered throughout the episode. Little Bellamy knows his mother isn't supposed to have more than one child, but doesn't quite get why.

During labor, Bellamy brings up the story of Augustus. When his little sister is born in front of him, after what seemed to be one push on his mom's part, his mother says he can name her and he decides to go with Octavia, which was Augustus' sister's name. His mother tells him they can't let Octavia cry, and saddles him with a lifetime of guilt with just one phrase: "your sister, your responsibility." That's some Supernatural, Winchester-level codependency-building right there.

Making Plans

In the present, when Bellamy realizes that no one knows where Octavia is, he decides to form a search party to find his sister. Before a group including Finn leaves, he tries to talk to Clarke about what happened between them, but she's insistent that they can stop whatever they've started. He isn't so sure.

When the 100 see a "funeral" in the sky, all the bodies sacrificed in the culling being returned to Earth, they believe their message didn't get to the Ark in time. Raven is pissed at Bellamy for delaying her work on the radio, and says it's his fault all those people are dead. Yikes, again with the guilt-tripping!

Finn suggests that Raven stay and continue her work on making the radio functional so they can contact the ship, and when she thinks it's hopeless without a transmitter part that she needs, Clarke suggests the "art supply store," AKA their hidden underground shelter thing, might have it. So Clarke stays to bring Raven to it instead of going off with Finn, Jasper, and the others to find Octavia.

The Search is On

Octavia wakes up alone in a sort of cave, and the wound on her leg has been healed by the Grounder who brought her there. She sees a hole in the roof and uses some antlers to attempt to climb out, only to fall back to the floor and aggravate her injury. 

Meanwhile, the search party is looking for her, and Bellamy and the others find something belonging to her and a trail of her blood. A set of footprints that gets heavier after awhile leads Finn to suggest that a Grounder carried her from that point, and that, like Jasper, she was alive when she was taken.

The group finds a clearing with skeletons hanging from trees, and a few people want to turn back. But Bellamy, quoting his vow, "my sister, my responsibility," refuses to stop there. So he continues on with a few of the others, while his sister is nearby taking care of herself, managing to crawl out of the cave through a hole she opened by ripping away rocks and moss.

"I'm Not Afraid"

In another flashback, we catch a glimpse of what life was like for Bellamy, Octavia and their mother while hiding Octavia. A "surprise" inspection means they have to hide Octavia under the floor, and one of the guards who conducts the search gropes their mom a bit and makes it clear that it's thanks to their...relationship, that Bellamy and Octavia's mother is given an advanced warning about these inspections.

The guard says he will push Bellamy's letter of recommendation to be a guard through if his mother comes to the guy's quarters later that week, ew, and during the search, Bellamy tries to hide a bit of a cord that is poking out of Octavia's hiding place. He manages to, but not without pissing the guard off a bit.

Before she's hidden, Octavia admits that she's scared, and sometimes wishes she was never born. Her mother tells her to repeat to herself that she isn't afraid, and Octavia in the present on Earth repeats the same line to herself as she's crawling away from the Grounder's lair.

Dropping Like Flies

The search party keeps looking for Octavia, and one of their group members is pulled up into the trees by a Grounder and killed during their search. The guy is then unceremoniously dropped to the ground by the group, dead in that short amount of time.

Many in the group want to go back when they spot other Grounders nearby, so the whole group tries to run, but eventually Bellamy stops and wants them to come to the group. One guy in the group is impaled to a tree, and a girl, Roma, freaks and runs off after. Octavia is nearby and is about to scream to Roma when she's grabbed from behind by her captor, and he keeps her quiet while Roma is also killed.

Raven and Clarke's Mission

Raven and Clarke chat a little while on their way to the bunker, and Raven compares Clarke to her mom, which the blonde girl isn't super thrilled by. Raven says it's a compliment and that Abby is a badass, but Clarke still has some lingering angry feelings in regards to her mom, so she doesn't really see it that way.

They end up at the shelter after Raven reveals that she's known Finn her whole life and he's helped her survive many times, so when they get there and she finds the two-headed deer Finn made for Clarke, she is wary. They manage to find a remote-controlled car with a radio frequency she can use for a transmitter, and they head back to camp.

Still Looking

Octavia is brought back to the Grounder's cave, and he locks her back up there, much to her despair. The group still looking for her find Roma dead, and there is still no sign of Octavia, so things are not looking good. 

But just as another group of Grounders starts coming after them, the horn warning of the acid fog rolling in blows, so everyone has to run for cover, Grounders and search party alike.


In a flashback, Bellamy, now a guard, tells Octavia about a masquerade ball happening on the ship that he's working security for. He's brought her a mask, and she's able to step out of their pod on the ship for the first time while wearing it.

They walk around some, and she gets her first glimpse of Earth through a window before they head to the dance. Jasper briefly sees her though and doesn't know who she is, but they don't interact. She does get to dance with a boy and a bunch of other teens though, for the first time in her life.

But then, an announcement is made that there's a solar flare alert, and everyone has to take off their masks and show ID. Of course, Octavia can't do that, and Bellamy tries to protect her from a guard who interrogates her, to no avail. He begs the guy, saying he'll do anything that he wants if he'll let his sister go, but it's no use: she tries to run but of course can't, and that's the end of the secret of the girl under the floor.

Finding Octavia

The search party is hiding under a tent from the fog, only to realize quickly that no such fog is coming. Bellamy decides to follow a Grounder they spot nearby, and he leads the group to the cave where Octavia is being kept. She's managed to knock the guy out and grab the key to her chains just as her brother and the others arrive. What a coincidence!

When Bellamy goes to attack the Grounder, however, Octavia tries to stop him, since he did save her life and all. Jasper notices that the guy has a fog horn - could he have faked the alarm before? - just as the Grounder wakes up. There's a brief scuffle, but Jasper hits the guy in the back of the head and he's knocked out again. He's gonna be hurting when he wakes up after all those knockouts!

Confronting Clarke

Back at camp, while Raven is working on the radio, Clarke comes in to chat and realizes something is wrong with the mechanic. Raven then confronts her about the figurine Finn made, and about what happened between Clarke and her boyfriend. Clarke can't deny that they slept together, and Raven is extremely hurt by the revelation that her boyfriend slept with someone else after only being away from her for ten days. I don't blame her.

Clarke argues that she didn't know Raven existed, and that she and Finn thought everyone on the Ark was dead or was going to die soon, trying to defend Finn's actions to the girl. Raven asks if Clarke loves him, and Clarke honestly replies that she barely knows the guy. This is sure to lead to more drama down the road!

Bellamy's Choice

In one last flashback, we see Bellamy alone in his apartment, now reduced to a janitor after what happened at the masquerade. The same guard who he begged to help him protect Octavia appears at his door with some news: he tells Bellamy about the mission to Earth and, having remembered that Bellamy said he'd do anything to protect Octavia, tells the younger man that he can get him a seat on the drop ship.

But there's a catch: in order to get the spot, Bellamy has to kill the Chancellor. He threatens to kill the guard instead, but the other man reminds him that his sister will thus be alone, so Bellamy finally agrees. So we finally know what led him to try to kill Chancellor Jaha.

Bellamy and Octavia At Odds

The search party brings Octavia back to camp, but Finn was injured badly in the fight with the Grounder and is carried back by the group as Jasper shouts for someone to get Clarke. Raven asks if Clarke can save him, but Clarke says she needs her mother's help, and that Raven needs to get the communication to the Ark up and running ASAP. 

Bellamy asks Octavia why she defended the Grounder, and she says the guy saved her, which Bellamy takes offense to because he feels that he saved his sister. They argue, with Bellamy suggesting that Finn wouldn't be in trouble if it weren't for her, and Octavia snaps.

She tells Bellamy to stop blaming her for his mistakes, claiming that Finn being hurt is his fault, not hers, and that in fact, everything that's gone wrong is because of her brother. She claims he got her locked up, and he got their mother killed, but Bellamy begs to differ.

He states that it was their mother's choice to have Octavia, not his, and tells his sister, "My life ended the day you were born." She runs off after that quite frankly really awful statement, and he demands that a straggling member of the 100 get back in the gates before he shuts them. A storm is coming, and it's sure to add more drama to this already very dramatic show.

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