Behind the Scenes of 'Terra Nova': What Makes Commander Taylor Tick?
Behind the Scenes of 'Terra Nova': What Makes Commander Taylor Tick?
So you've seen last night's Terra Nova premiere. What did you think of it? Are dinosaurs your thing? Or maybe those mysterious drawings on a rock that Josh and Skye found? Or maybe the fact that Terra Nova isn't what it seems to be. And most importantly, are you sticking with it?

Well, if you are, I've got a couple more behind-the-scenes clips from the Terra Nova set Down Under. (Yes, all this time they're Down Under. Not 85 million years back or anything.)

First clip's all about Commander Taylor, the head of the Terra Nova colony, and a guy who seems to know his way around the jungle -- obviously, since he lived there, alone, for a hundred days or so. He's the first to cross the portal, and the guy who wants everything to work out just fine -- but of course there's got to be more than that, right?

Second clip's about Terra Nova shooting at night. It's always cool to get to play with lights and smoke, and making things look really, really dramatic.

Terra Nova returns with a new episode on Monday from 8pm on Fox. Want photos from next week's installment? Well, click here, then!

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(Image courtesy of Fox)