Terminator: Episode 2.9, "Complications" Review
Terminator: Episode 2.9, "Complications" Review
After using up multiple episodes' worth of budget (this is speculative) on last week's action packed episode, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returned tonight with a far more subdued, meditative affair.  Guest star Richard Schiff put some great work in as a mysterious man from the future who Jessie corralled early in the episode.  Terminator laid off the gas tonight, and it felt right.  Decompression was necessary, and there was aftermath to be waded through.  While not terribly exciting and relentlessly dark, audiences found themselves watching another captivating episode of Terminator, which is proving itself to be a long, on-going mythology based series, as opposed to the terminator-of-the-week scenario many envisioned at the show's outset. 

Back from Mexico, Sarah Connor is having bad dreams.  Really weird, bad dreams, and she doesn't know what they mean.  Maybe nothing.  They decide to go back to Mexico to burn Cromartie's body, but Sarah cannot go, since she is terribly ill.  Meanwhile, Jessie calls Derek – it's an emergency.  She has picked up a man named Andrew Fischer, who she believes is back from the future.  She knows him.  Derek doesn't recognize him, and he won't admit to anything, but Jessie is adamant.  Is she crazy, or is Fischer just a great liar?

Although it may have seemed like little happened tonight in what, for Terminator, was a lazily (not in a bad way) paced hour of TV.  Richard Schiff's work as Fischer was pretty great, and it gave the interrogation scenes the right amount of weight.  Brian Austin Green continues to put out great work.  No one would have predicted this.  He is a legitimate dramatic actor.  Jessie, as a character, still hasn't etched out an identity, and perhaps this is on purpose.  Derek and Jessie say they love each other, but I don't buy it yet.  The final scenes of both the Charles Fischers were rightfully chilling, and I hope they mark the beginning of a new story-line. 

Cameron keeps subtly getting more and more human, perhaps setting up for some unprecedented human-robot romantic action.  John had little to do, but that was OK.  He's taking charge when he needs to take charge, and is gaining confidence at a rapid clip.  I'd like to say that I'm disappointed in Ellison's actions this episode, but he's doing what he has to believe is the most rationale thing.  Also, it was nice of Shirley Manson's nipples to grace us with their presence tonight.  Must have been really cold in LA. 

There were some new time travel elements introduced tonight.  I'm curious to see how the Terminator super-fans react.  Obviously, changing the future has to be the goal of anyone who travels back in time, but what are we to make of the dual futures of Jessie and Derek?  Is this a nod to the multi-verse theory?  How will they write the rules regarding time travel?  Will there be any rules? 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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