'Teen Wolf': Why a Major Spoiler Ruins the Fun and Changes Everything
'Teen Wolf': Why a Major Spoiler Ruins the Fun and Changes Everything
Emily E. Steck
Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Warning: major spoilers for Teen Wolf. Do not venture on because there will be spoilers. They ruin everything fun. 

The Spoiler

Recently, it was stated from show creator and showrunner Jeff Davis that a major regular character will die in Season 3B. Now, last time the show promoted a major character to die, it was Boyd. Sweet, underdeveloped Boyd who has little backstory or personality but an emotional connection to the audience. But this time, apparently, Teen Wolf is willing to kill original characters all the way from Season one. 

Scott. Allison. Stiles. Derek. Lydia. And then family and friend favorites Melissa McCall. Chris Argent. Sheriff Stilinski. Peter Hale. Coach. Danny. Not to mention added favorites and regular recurring Isaac and Kira. All are candidates for consideration for Jeff Davis' game of twist the knife in the fans.

Panic Mode

Enter fans' panic mode. Who's going to die? Will it be during the season three finale? Before? As for my panic mode? I say, enough already!

Let me explain. Panic mode is essentially having passionate feelings at a show's development. The anxiety that should occur because of what's actually going on in the show, especially a show built on mystery. 

How It Changes Everything

Using this major spoiler, we could speculate who will die, based on behind the scenes gossip or using news about actors' careers to guess who will die (This goes to a lot of the cast, really). Fans are reacting to this panic by guessing instead of just experiencing. And can you blame them? They love Teen Wolf. They love these characters. I am doing the exact same thing. It's terrifying. 

I hate it. 

I hate it because Teen Wolf is at full power in season 3B, executing great psychological horror for our trio of heroes -- Scott, Allison and Stiles -- while adding fresh Japanese mythology. After last season's hit and misses of villains, the big bad is the strongest it's ever been thanks to fan favorite Stiles, possessed by a trickster dark spirit. It's arguably the most consistent season for writing.

And the best performances! Dylan O'Brien is knocking it out of the park, transitioning from hyperactive Stiles to a calm, assured villain wrecking havoc on Beacon Hills while also pretending to be Stiles. There is genuine suspense and uncertainty, a sense of growing dread of what will happen next? that MTV's Teen Wolf excels at. Tyler Posey is doing some of his best work this season, trying to contain the chaos his possessed best friend unleashed. And the supporting cast of actors continues to nail their characters with the smallest of beats. 

So it's a big shame that the show decided to spoil the upcoming major character death -- just on a storytelling standpoint. How beautiful and meaningful would the deaths have been if we hadn't known? What a surprise it would have been. Even lead actor Tyler Posey agrees. How can it not be a little disappointing now?

The worst part of this whole spoiler debacle may just be the reasoning behind teasing it out. It might have been done to rally up the fans and create ratings. Or because Jeff Davis is a big old cryptic tease. I am not a pawn. I am a smart television viewer who watches this show because I love it. Stop trying to tease me into watching. I'm watching. I'm even playing your game.

So, if we want to play the game of who will die? We can rule out the obvious (Coach?) and eliminate who we think the show views as untouchable characters (Scott, for instance). We may have an idea of who dies, but I'm not paying attention to spoilers for Teen Wolf anymore. I hope if you were as frustrated with this development, you don't either. 

Right now, Teen Wolf is a prime example of why not to follow spoilers of your favorite show. This might hurt. You might even lose your mind. But the new tagline for Teen Wolf fans should just be: resist the urge.

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