'Teen Wolf' Spoilers: 3 Things to Know About 'Chaos Rising'
'Teen Wolf' Spoilers: 3 Things to Know About 'Chaos Rising'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Teen Wolf didn't hold anything back in its premiere. The Alpha Pack was introduced with potentially deadly consequences and are a threat to the Beacon Hills' werewolves, especially Scott. "Chaos Rising" was aptly titled because the situation gets much more dire in the second episode.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Teen Wolf spoilers and clips. You've been warned.

Stiles Has an Admirer

Despite the wolf troubles happening in Beacon Hills, Scott and Stiles try to have a normal teenage night out. Scott wants to forget Allison for a few hours, while Stiles wants to re-connect with an old friend. His childhood friend has big plans for Stiles, but as often happens on Teen Wolf outside forces interfere in what could have been an epic moment for him. 

Yep, she disappears! And, that night leads to an embarrassing, yet hilarious moment for Stiles at school.

Suffering for the Cause

Isaac submits himself to torture to help. In order to try and recover important information from Isacc's mind, he's put in a near-death situation, which includes an ice bath. Will his pain and sacrifice provide the information that they need in order to save their friends?

Allison and Lydia investigate the bruise left by "The Girl" on their wrists in hope that it provide a clue to what she wanted to tell them. And, in the below preview, Allison is told, "You have no idea what you just stepped into."

It Ends with a Scream

"Chaos Rising" ends with two cliffhangers and the final one is a scream. It will leave you screaming on your couch with frustration that you have to wait another week to find out what happens next. Even knowing may not be enough to prepare you!

Check out the last moment from the premiere and the promo for "Chaos Rising."

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